Feedback for ATSED11

Mar 12, 2017

    1. This is the feedback thread for ATSED11.
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    2. I sold her Lillycat Millie Choupie. Everything went great! Responsible and patient buyer. Polite and pleasant person in communication. Quickly responds. I recommend! Thank you very much for your purchase! :hug:
    3. ATSED11 purchased a SOOM White Rabbit head from me.
      Everything went really well and communication was great, I received the payment really fast and received a message as soon as the box arrived in USA!
      Highly recommended ^^
      Thank you! <3
    4. I recently purchased a Doll Family-A Practice Head from atsed11 and it was a very nice transaction from beginning to end. Communication was speedy and clear. Shipping was fast as well and the packaging was great--sturdy and thorough. Thanks much! ^-^
    5. Atsed11 purchased an Iplehouse fid Grace head from me, and it couldn't have been an easier or friendlier transaction. Great communication, fast payment - a real pleasure! Thank you so much! :)
    6. I purchased a Clever Little from atsed11! The transaction was wicked and I’d totally buy from them again <3 thank you so much!!
    7. I purchased a Raouken corset from atsed11. Communication was great and the corset was perfect and VERY well packed! I would not hesitate to work with asted11 again! Thank you!