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Feedback for Audrey

Jun 19, 2008

    1. A place for people to post feedback for me.
    2. It's great doing business with Audrey, she's so sweet.
      We split a Dollmore order together and everything went fine on her end, she was very communicative and nice and she even sent me some free goodies! :D No problems at all.
    3. i did a faceup and body blush on Audrey's doll and everything has gone great! :) :)
    4. Audrey was an absolute sweetie to deal with
      thank you
    5. Audrey bought a doll from me and everything went perfectly. Thank you so much again, enjoy him :D
    6. A pleasure to speak to and responds quickly to PM's, she paid quickly for the postage of her dolls and I enjoyed doing their faceup's.

      Would love to do business with her again <3
    7. Unfortunately, Audrey flaked out of a transaction with me. It was commenced on the 12th of December 2008, and the PM received then promised payment the following day.
      There was apparently issues with waiting for cheques to clear for funds which I was fine with after explanation but after several weeks, I still have not received any payment. Despite repeated PMs over the past week, I still have not heard from Audrey even though I have received read receipts for my PMs as well as seen her posting actively on the boards. As a result, I have withdrawn from the transaction and left feedback as above according to the feedback forum rules. Cheers.
    8. I have had a similar experience as cerisey above. Audrey comissioned me to make her a custom JSK for her MSD sized doll, then stopped replying to my PM's. I wish Audrey had just contacted me to say that she could not buy the dress right now, or had warned me before I started so I did not waste my time and material. Also since she has not contacted with me I have no idea if I should hold it for her or not.

      Aside from this, she was initially very sweet. It is unfortunate that she backed out of the transaction.
    9. To ammend my above feedback, Audrey ended up getting back in touch with me and was able to pay promptly. She explained the situation and I understand in full. ^o^

      She was very curteous through the entire process. The experience was not enough to discourage me from working her; I would work with her again.
    10. Audrey Just Did A Awsome Faceup On My Orient Vamp Il..perfectly Painted The Tiny Little Fangs And Did The Eyes Just As I Requested..beautiful Body Blushing And Mani/pedi To...i Highly Reccomend Her For Your Dollies Personal Needs
    11. Oops Love You Madly Aesthetics Is Her Commision Site...
    12. I requested a body blush for my Supia Yan. I am amazed of how detailed Audrey is at her work. Very good communication. I would reccomend to anyone!
    13. I sent a souldoll body for bodyblushing. I have been waiting 4+ weeks for the return of of item. I retract my previous feedback and do not intend to have any future busness with Audrey. :evil:
    14. I ordered an Orient Doll Tae and Audrey threw in a free wig, T-shirt and faceup.

      I sent the funds via PayPal on Jan 21st; the doll arrived on March 7th and I live just one state away. Audrey stated that she had many IRL problems that delayed the shipping and offered to refund my shipping the next weekend.
      Eventually I was forced to page her for the refund, which was finally received on April 18th.

      Audrey was polite and mostly communicative throughout the exchange (except for the refund). However, the whole transaction dragged on just a little too long for me and I do not intend to return to Audrey for another transaction. :/