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Feedback for Auntie Em

Jan 17, 2007

    1. If you have done business with me, please leave feedback here!! :daisy
    2. Auntie Em is a super buyer. The BEST! She's great fun to deal with and had some wonderful suggestions. Thanks so much.
    3. Auntie Em bought some underwear from me.Prompt payer, lovely person to deal with.Thank you so much:)
    4. Auntie Em is my hero <3 She's fun and bubbly and really lovely to talk to, and was a real pleasure to sell to ^^ I wish she lived over here!
    5. Auntie Em bought a whole bunch of stuff from me and she was great to deal with! Awesome buyer!
    6. *leaves cakes for your back*
      AUNTIE ME IS AMAZING AND LOVELY, She's super super nice, and always understanding, great to talk to, and should come live in my cubby house!
      THANKS EMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D:D
    7. Auntie Em bought a skirt from me for her cutie and she was a great buyer!

      Quick payment, super nice, and great communication! I'd sell to her anytime! ^^
    8. Smooth transaction and great buyer! Communicated and replied to PMs very quickly! ^^
    9. Auntie Em is an awesome buyer and a great person to work with! She bought pants from me and her payment was prompt and she was great at communicating quickly:)
    10. I sold some MSD-sized clothing to Auntie Em a while back... she was a pleasure to deal with and I would definitely do business with her again. :D
    11. Another excellent transaction with Auntie Em!^_^ Prompt payment, wonderful communication, friendly and reliable. I would definitely recommend!
    12. Auntie Em joined my group order. She kept in contact the whole time and always paid promptly.
      A pleasure to deal with:)
    13. We had another perfect transaction with Auntie Em. She's an awesome buyer
    14. Auntie Em is a lovely buyer, great communication and smooth transaction :) Thanks for your business!!
    15. Another great transactiion with Auntie Em. She's a real gem! We love doing bussiness with her! Thanks so much!
    16. A quick thank you to everyone I've done business with here on DoA!! And a big old hug for all the nice comments!!! I really appreciate your kind words ~~ *WORLD WIDE GROUP HUG!!*

      We have such a nice group here. DoA is a great place to hang out and share our passion for bjds!! If only we could all meet some day.... xxxx

      Thank you to Pippagirl for getting me 'hooked'! (altho somedays, my wallet hisses at u! 0_0 lolol xox)
    17. Another wonderful transaction with Auntie Em. We'd love to meet everyone too. What a great bunch!
    18. Great buyer who really seems to take the time to send nice PMs. I had a very positive sale of two wigs to her. She paid fast too which is a plus!
    19. I've had a transaction with Auntie Em. She's bought wigs from me. The payment was very prompt and she's a very nice person to trade with :)
      Perfect transaction. Thanks so much !!!
    20. Great buyer! Superfast payment, great communication and really nice to work with- thank you!!