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May 2, 2016

    1. Hello ~

      Here 's my feedback thread. Before, for overseas transactions, I don't have a way to accept public feedback.

      I don't understand this section, so late.

      Confusion caused to you, I'm very sorry!

      Thank you so much trust for me!:)
    2. I just received my commission from Aunus. I commissioned her for a custom face-up on my Volks Belldandy with some small tattoos. I requested smoky eyes, lots of blush, heavy lipstick and several tattoos. She took some liberties with the tattoos which is what I wanted (her tattoo work is amazing) and the face-up is Drop. Dead. GORGEOUS!!! I hope to send more dolls to them in the future!!! Turn around time was 4-5 weeks as stated, all costs were explained and shipping options were available. Absolutely a WONDERFUL experience!!!!
    3. I commissioned Aunus for a faceup for my Soom Adonis. I opted for the artist choices with just a few small requirements, in a fantasy style.
      They were wonderful to communicate with. Worked in a very timely manner, shipped back quickly. Their work is simply phenomenal. Highly detailed, and visually breathtaking. I look forward to using them much more. Highly recommended.

    4. I sent my OasisDoll Natalie to Aunus.
      The sculpt is my favorite bjd and I always dream to have her with an alternative expression.
      To find a mod and face-up artist is quite tricky, but Aunus is really talented. She have the face-up style I love and she can mod a head! So, I commissioned her for face-up and eyes and mouth modification.

      Just so you know, the head means a lot to me. It's not expensive, but it's hard to find and I don't know if I could find another.
      So, this commission is a big deal to me.
      She was sweet in communication and promptly gave me her advice on the work. I trusted her wholeheartedly
      Of course, I'm not disappointed. In fact, she's BEYOND my expectation. You may think the service is high, and I dare say it's worth every single bucks. My girl turned out to be a fine piece of art :kitty1

      Also, I received a lot of compliments from friends and bjd hobbyists. There was a guy personally messaged me and compliment that my girl is so beautiful. I'm so proud


      This is the Natalie head I own. The mold in her usual look.


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