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Feedback for Auska

Nov 26, 2008

    1. Please leave any feedback for me here.

      Thank you,
    2. Celeste bought some LTF items from us. Quick payment, very pleasant communication, and we highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks so much!!
    3. Bought a pair of feet from me a while back, transaction went perfectly smoothly. :)
    4. Auska was a participant in my third Glass Eyes group order and everything went great! :D Payments were sent in quickly and communication was wonderfully kept on her end. She was a pleasure to deal with and I recommend her~

      :clover Thank you for your participation in this group order! :D I hope that your experience was an enjoyable one! :clover
    5. I did a face-up for her, and the transaction was smooth and pleasant! Thanks so much! :)
    6. Auska participated in GO I was hosting from Fairyland.... I think she was single-handedly responsible for getting us the free shipping actually ;) LOL, what a pleasure it was to work with you - I hope to do it again someday and get that coffee we were talking about :)
    7. Auska bought an outfit from me. Everything went smoothly. Really great buyer! I absolutely recommend her! :)

      Thank you so much!
    8. Sorry for the late feedback. >.<;;

      Auska commish me to faced her boy. The whole deal goes so smooth. Auska really a nice person and fast when replying and paying. 100 % positive feedback. ;)
      Thank you so much.....:D
    9. Auska bought a body from me. It was a wonderful transaction, very fast and friendly communication and fast payment! I highly recommend her as a buyer and would certainly do business with her again. Thank you very much Celeste :)!
    10. Auska bought an SD dress set from me. It was a great transaction with fast payment and prompt responses to PMs. She even sent a photo of the outfit on her doll! A lovely buyer, I highly recommend her!
    11. Auska joined me in a group order/split from Soom everything went like clockwork - her payments were always ahead of schedule and communication was a snap :) Thanks again!!