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Feedback for $avage

Jun 4, 2009

    1. Please post here feedback for $avage.
      Tell if she's buyer or seller.
      Thanks. :chocoheart
    2. $avage purchased a few clothing items from me and everything went wonderfully. She's very kind, courteous, and professional. She paid promptly and told me when the items arrived. Thanks!
    3. Sold an outfit to $avage who was great with communication and fast with payment. A wonderful buyer. Thank you.
    4. $avage bought some outfits from me, prompt payment and great communication, I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again :)
    5. $avage bought a supergem body from me on layway.
      Payments made fast and all on time. Extremely sweet, understanding and easy to communicate with. A great buyer. Thank you!
    6. $avage purchased some wigs from me, She's very kind!!easy to communicate and promptly pay~~~~~~ everthing goes well!
      Thank you~~~~~~
    7. $avage order two tattoos from me. I did them from her projects, and add some extras :) She paid fast and everything was just fine :) Good communication from her side :)
      I recommend her as a buyer :)

      Thanks again
    8. ^^ Reccommended!!!

      I sold a wig to $avage, she is a lovely girl with wonderful communication, fast payment & a very positive attitude. Fantastic buyer & i would definately sell to her again, such a sweetie <3
      Thank you!
    9. $avage bought a soom wig from me and she was friendly and communicative, thanks for your purchase!
    10. $avage bought on layayway a romantic onyx head by soom and she was just perfect. She just sent the final payment and she is very realiable. thanks =)
    11. $avage bought an Snow Kaguya outfit from me and the transaction was smooth-sailing from start to finish. Highly recommended! :)
    12. $avage took part in my SOOM Chrom split and everything went very well. She is your perfect choice if you want to be frequently updated on your transaction - she will always PM you if anything changes!
    13. $avage bought two shirts from me. She was wonderful to deal with, communication was fantastic, could not have asked for a better buyer. Thanks so much.
    14. I sold to $avage and her sister $abatha some sd clothing I was selling here on doa. $avage is a good buyer, she is kind and communicative, so it's a A+ for me!
    15. $avage bought a MSD Kimono from Bunny Dreams (I think that is what it is called) She was wonderful! She paid quickly, kept me updated and told me when her item arrived. I'd recommend her as a buyer any day! :3
    16. $avage bought a set of Cuprit horns from me. She paid quickly and was wonderful to do business with. I would definately recommend her!
    17. I just completed a transaction with $avage and everything went perfect. She paid in perfect timing and she has a wonderful communication, thank you so much! ^^
    18. I sold a pair of hands to $avage and everything went smoothly. She is wonderful with communication and very friendly.
    19. $avage bought a pair of Soom Amber horns from me. she said she would pay on a certain date, but paid even sooner :)

      I forgot to send the magnets together with the horns and she kindly informed me as the horns arrived and waited patiently for me to send them.

      very recommended buyer with good communication ^^

    20. I trade Ail head for Chrom legs with $avage. Perfect communication, quickly shippin.:fangirl: I am happy. Thank You very much.:aheartbea