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Feedback for Avea

Jan 30, 2011

    1. Howdee! :D

      I didn't see a feedback thread for this member, so I decided to start one for them. If you have dealt with this member, please record your feedback for them here in this thread!!

      ~(^o^~) Thankies! (~^o^)~

      I guess I'll get this party started then. ;)

      Avea was a participant in my eighteenth Leekeworld group order and was lovely to transact with. Invoices were responded to and taken care of swiftly and communication was kept up nicely on their end of things. All in all, things went smoothly and I have no complaints at all~

      Thank you for your participation in this group order.
      I do hope that your experience was nothing short of a pleasant one.
    2. I bought a Dollzone BB Jing from Avea and it was an awesome transaction. Avea was very nice, friendly and shipped him in a timely manner. He arrived safe and sound and well packed. Highly recommended. Thanks :D