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Feedback for Avnia

Dec 29, 2007

    1. I just done a ninimee group order and desided to make my own feedback tread.

      I know I did alot of nutty things (I overbooked:( ) and there was alot of mess with that, so I deserver everything thats comming
    2. Avnia bought some clothing from me. Paid quickly and the communication was great. An excellent customer! <3<3<3
    3. I was in Avnia's GO for the Vincent Valentine Minimee head. Since I booked my spot early, I wasnt in the least bit bugged by anything. The order went pretty well, considering a few small bumps with the new 10 head rule. All in all, my head is here and Im very happy :)
    4. I was in the minimee order, and apart from a few little mishaps, it went swimmingly. Got my head today, without any problems.
    5. I painted a Vincent Valentine mini-me for Avnia, and she was a sweetheart to work with. She paid promptly, provided excellent directions, and had great, open communication throughout the process. Even when Norway customs held onto her head for a month, she stayed patient and we worked together to get her head home to her safely (we did!).

      I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!
    6. I just sold a set of Soom Hati paws on a split to Avnia. She paid quickly and let me know they arrived. A greeat transaction. :)

      Thanks again!
    7. Avnia took over a MNM order for a Nimoy Spock head. Went great, excellent communication, and she gave me a nudge when I needed it. Would definitely work with again, thanks!
    8. I was part of the Spoack MNM GO that she organized.
      She was a terrific organizer, and the resulting head is wonderful.
      Would join her GOs anytime!

      Thanks again!
    9. I was also in the Minimee Spock GO. She was a wonderful organizer!
    10. So do I, and she was the best !! A huge thanks Avnia, it was a mere pleasure to deal with you !!! ++++ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11. I was also in the minimee GO.

      She was so nice to organised it... and so well!!

      One of the most easy and lively GO I participated

      Thanks you a lot :daisy
    12. Silje commissioned me to paint her CustomHouse Sia, and she's been very understanding. She was friendly and got back to me fairly quickly. She also packed and shipped her in a very secure box and made sure things would be easy for me. ^_^
      It won't be a problem to have another transaction with her in the future. ^_^
    13. She took over a MNM Spock GO and it went wonderfully. We were all updated in a timely fashion, and things went great. Would definitely work with her again.
    14. I recently painted 2 heads (Parabox Anime style) for Avnia-san! She was super kind, friendly and let me know exactly how she wanted the faceups, so there was no mixup or confusion!!! She paid immediately and let me know as soon as she received the heads back. A perfect commission!

      Thanks again so much for letting me do the faceups on your lovely doll heads!!

      God bless!

    15. I've traded with Avnia before and just did again; I bought a Dollfie Dream from her - she's superb to communicate with, has the patience of an elephant and is all over reasonable.
      I will more than happily trade with her again. And again.

      Thank you <3