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Feedback for Avsgirl96

Jan 11, 2008

    1. This is a feedback thread for Avsgirl96. :)
    2. avsgirl96 pm'd me about my Puki faceplate for sale, was very nice, and sent payment super quick! very very easy to deal with, i recommend her to anyone :)
    3. avsgirl96 participated in a May 2008 Iplehouse group order I ran. She was absolutely wonderful! Had great communication, paid promptly and was a overall pleasure to have on the order. ^^
    4. I bought a Iplehouse Harin from avsgirl.
      I am leaving positive feedback, the unfortunate series of events where by now means due to avsgirl and where troubling for both of us.

      First the tracking # did not work. Harin was lost in the post for nearly a month, then shipped back to the USA. Unfortunatly these things happen when dealing with international post.

      During the months it took for me to get Harin, avsgirl managed to make me feel secure that she would arrive someday, and that if she would not arrive, she was insured. Even though she went through some problems in het personal life, she was always nice and kind and responded to my endless flow of questions. In the end, I would definately deal with avsgirl again.