Feedback for AxelGS

Oct 3, 2017

    1. Hello!

      If you have bought or trade anything with me, please leave a feedback here!

      Thank you for your kindness!
    2. I received a Dollzone Hermit from AxelGS. Communication was smooth and delivery went as well as one can hope for! The doll arrived in great condition; I would definitely do business with them again~!
    3. I‘ve bought a Fairyland Minifee Sircca elf, ns, from AxelGS. And it was a great transaction. He is very friendly and shipped Sircca very well packed and super fast. Thank you so much.
    4. I‘ve bought Star Dollzone from AxelGS. I'm very happy with the deal.
      Very pleasant communication and fast shipped. Thank you! Best best recommendations!)