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Feedback for AyameOkita

Nov 7, 2008

    1. Since I have been buying stuff a lot here lately I figured I would start one!
      Leave feedback for me please!:D
    2. I just completed a commission for AyameOkita and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Communications were prompt and friendly. Payment was super-fast. I can't recommend AyameOkita highly enough.
    3. AyameOkita bought my dz ray and was very reliable and payed thoroughly. We had some misunderstandings near the end but we settled it quite easily. A definite recommendation
    4. I bought a gorgeous Luts wig from AyameOkita :aheartbea

      There were some problems with shipping, but these were beyond control being snowstorms and public holidays.... and the communication was very good so I was aware of why the package was delayed :D

      I wasn't in a rush anyway, and the wig still arrived before the doll it is intended for :lol:

      Thanks for a lovely item and friendly transaction :)
    5. I bought the Migidoll Vampire Miho of my dreams from AyameOkita and it was just the best transaction - she was SO sweet and waited patiently for me to gather my funds so I could pay for him, and shipped him really fast in perfect condition. Very friendly and communicative, excellent seller - thanks hon!
    6. I bought a DOD Petsha from AyameOkita and everything was perfect. Her communication was always quick and friendly. Little Petsha arrived in perfect condition and in a very timely manner. I would not hesitate to deal with her again.

      Thanks sweetie!
    7. Aya bought my Migidoll Ryu with souldoll body. She is very sweet and reliable!
      I recommend her to anyone in DoA! C:
    8. I bought Glot Horns and Glot's outfit from AyameOkita. Communication was outstanding, the items were safely shipped in a timely manner and in excellent condition. I highly recommend AyameOkita as a seller.

      Thank you!!
    9. I sold a wig to AyameOkita.  She was very patient to wait for me to ship her item and very understanding.  What a sweet buyer I’d love to deal with her again.  Thank you!
    10. I bought a DZ Ray (tan) from AyameOkita. All in all, it was a satisfactory transaction.

      Communication: she replied within two (2) days of each PM, except when winter storms interrupted communications. I did not actually receive the tracking number from AyameOkita, but the doll arrived two (2) business days after he was shipped, so this is a very minor item.

      Shipping: the doll was extremely well packed, with lots of bubble wrap, pillows and face protector to make sure he arrived safely. Insurance and tracking was included on the package as agreed. AyameOkita refunded the shipping costs since it took her a few days longer than agreed to ship the doll out.

      Doll condition: well-loved, with all marks and scratches indicated accurately on the sale thread.

      Price: more than fair, AyameOkita also sold me an outfit and two wigs with him.

      I would definitely recommend working with AyameOkita again. She is fair, reasonable and communicates well.