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Feedback for Ayaspyder24 (And Kira!)

Dec 2, 2008

    1. Hi there!
      Please leave me some feedback here.
    2. I sold Ayaspyder24 an MSD T-shirt and a Jpop Wig. She was very friendly and pleasant to deal with and sent payment when she said she would. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks for a smooth transaction! :)
    3. Transactions I have successfully completed so far.

      From Okashigaara
      -Red and Black Zip-Up back Boots

      From Wicked Stitchery
      - A Skulls Hoody
      -Two pairs of Boxers
      -A Pajama Set - Little Bats - Freakin' Adorable.

      From Pris84
      -Wild Winter Blonde Wig of Win!
      -Tezuka Shirt

      From Vampire Anneke
      -Blank Beauty White DollZone Bunny
    4. From Dark Kawaii
      SD Clothing Lot
      3 Wigs - A "Zack" wig, a Purple/black one and a Pink/Black one
      Three tanktops - One with Skulls, One white, one black
      A Sleeveless Shirt with a Chain -Has a person on it
      A Long sleeved Zippy Shirt
      A 69 tshirt
      A Black tshirt with a Red skull on it -Bonus!
      2 pairs of pants, one Busy, and one with white
      A Cosplay Jacket of Great Win
      A Priests Jacket of Great Win
      Two Wristbands
      A Necklace
      A Skull Pendant
      One Eye?
      A Pair of Goggles
      A Pair of Dress Shoes - They fit so well!
      A Pair of tall Boots that look really Badass -Bonus!
      Two...er...Dresses, one Mesh, and one with silver stars
      A Collar
      A Belt
    5. Aya purchased a whole slew of SD clothing from me, and was communicative and very friendly. I would deal with again, thanks!
    6. Another Successful transaction
      Gorgeous Silky-soft Kimono with Butterflies on it from Darkawaii
    7. Dragonflies. -__-
      No more DOA at Night..........XD
    8. Purchased a DESV (Dark Elf Soo Vampire Head)
      Heise Uniform - (OMG, HOT)
      Dollheart Snow Outfit
      -From Darkawaii
    9. Paid 200.00 on Layaway - Lady Karma - 620.00 = 420.00
    10. Paid 200.00 dollars more - Lady Karma - 220.00
    11. August 24, 2009 - Karma is Paid ^_^ Good Layaway Experience! XD
    12. Aya purchased a DES, a DESV head, and more clothing from me than I can count. Always a good experience, friendly, pays o time, and sometimes faster than she agrees on. Thanks!
    13. Paid E-check (By accident! Stupid paypal!) to Tygati for Sphaler on March 08, 2010
    14. E-check went through on March 16, 2010
    15. Sent E-check for Sphaler Hands - 121.00 - March 18, 2010 - Due to go through on March 26th?
    16. Sphaler (Blank Body, Mieru Ears, Cushion, Box) - From Tygati - Paid March 16th, 2010
      Sphaler Hands and Resin Pearl/Sphere - From Splynter Hayde - Paid March 26th, 2010
    17. Received Sphaler Hands - April 07, 2010 - :D
      Left feedback for Splynterhayde - Positive Transaction
    18. Sphaler came home April 28th. ((Birthday 27th))
      Yen decided to stay with us permanently at the end of April.
      #18 Ayaspyder24, Jul 12, 2010
      Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
    19. I sold Bunny a pair of Soom Cream White Mireu Sphaler hands at the end of March of this year. They arrived in April, near Easter.

      I am completely happy with Bunny as a buyer. The entire transaction went smoothly and very well, and as a person, I found Bunny friendly, enjoyable, and incredibly easy to communicate with, and to work with. I would not hesitate to do business with her again in the future. Perfect transaction.

      This feedback is late on my part, and for that, I apologize. Thank you very much for working with me!
    20. Ayaspyder24 bought an indigo SD fer from me. She was great with communication and kept me updated. Thanks! ^^