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Feedback for AyuAna

Nov 29, 2011

    1. I will be very gratefull for each opinion about any transaction with me!:)
    2. I bought a blue dress from AyuAna. Everything in the transaction went perfectly.

      AyuAna was very, very fast about replying to my PMs, and she answered my questions in a kind and helpful manner. The item shipped quickly, was packed well, and arrived safely.

      And gosh, what a beautiful dress! It looked just like the pictures, and I am grateful to have it. I definitely recommend AyuAna as both a seller and a dress-maker.

      Thank-you very much!
    3. AyuAna adopted a Realpuki Soso from me on layaway. The transaction was smooth and nice, all payments were on time. Thank you very much and enjoy your little fellow:)
    4. AyuAna bought a wig from me recently, and she was very friendly and prompt with both replies and payment. It was a great transaction, and I'd happily deal with her again. Thank you!
    5. I bought a lovely mohair wig from AyuAna, and it arrived really fast. She was great to deal with and shipped the wig really quickly.

      A big thank you - I hope to do business again! :D
    6. I bought 2 magnificent dresses made by her ; perfect transaction, excellent communications and fast shipping. Would be very happy to deal with her again. I heartily recommend AyuAna, it's a great seller ! ^^ Thanks.
    7. AyuAna boght a Crobidoll wig from me. She paid fast and the transaction was smooth. :)
      Thank you so much!
    8. AyuAna Sold me a gorgeous gown and even though the mail was slow.. AyuAna always answered my Pms when I sent her them.. This beautiful gown arrived and it amazing. Lovely seller and a gem in the DOA marketplace.. : )
    9. AyuAna ordered Clothing Labels from my comission :) excellent transaction, good contact and fast payment of money, everything excellent!
      Thank you very much! ^^
    10. I bought two outfits from AyuAna, one here and one from Etsy, which she kindly shipped together. Both outfits are very well done, I love the quality! They were shipped superfast and arrived here in perfect condition. Pms were answered quick and very quickly - overall it was a wonderful transaction! Thank you so much, AyuAna :)
    11. I traded a Dollshe Pabo head for her Latidoll K head. Throughout she was absolutely lovely to work with; polite, friendly, quick to post and included tracking info for me.

      She was so happy with the trade too! It really was a pleasure to do business with her. I hope I can again in the future.

      Thank you so much AyuAna, I couldn't recommend you more highly <3
    12. I bought two dresses from AyuAna, which she customized for me. Once again, everything in the transaction went perfectly.

      AyuAna replied to my PMs quickly, and she kept me updated through the whole process. Once I paid, she shipped the package quickly. Everything was packed well, and arrived safely.

      The dresses are beautiful! They have a lot of detail and creativity, and I feel lucky to have them. I definitely recommend AyuAna as both a seller and a dress-maker. For the curious, I posted a box-opening of the dresses here, on my blog.

      Thank-you very, very much!
    13. i bought a Syo SD form AyuAna and all went so fast and smooth: the doll was shipped really fast and communication was great
      thank you so much
    14. I bought AyuAna's Dollshe Pabo head in Oriental skin. She packed it excellently and it arrived in good time and in excellent shape. Great transaction. Wonderful communication and always made sure I was happy with deal.
    15. Forgive me for my lateness, but I had a wonderful transaction with AyuAna awhile back! She was always quick with replies and understood my needs really well. The dress I received came with a handwritten postcard too! How thoughtful of her! I really look forward to future transactions with Anna :)
    16. I was commissioned by AyuAna. She was a pleasure to deal with, and she was very patient with me. ^ ^ I would recommend her to anyone.
    17. I bought a Dollmore Alex 'Hansel' from AyuAna. Communication was very good and the transaction really swift! Hansel arrived quickly, very carefully wrapped and in excellent condition. I couldn't be happier! I definitely recommend AyuAna as a seller.

      Thanks again, Anna!
    18. I did a face-up commission for AyuAna on her Glorydoll Louis. She was very friendly, good with communication and patient too. #^^#
      Everything went smooth, she paid quickly and let me know when the head arrived safely.
      It was a pleasure to work with her! I can only recommend!:aheartbea
    19. AyuAna bought a Leeke wig from me. Her communication was very prompt, as well as her payment. She also let me know when she got the wig. A very positive transaction ^^
    20. Bought a gorgeous dress from and made by AyuAna. Transaction was east and fast. The dress itself as I said gorgeous. Would definitely purchase from again. ^_^ Thanks.