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Feedback for Azulafan199

Sep 5, 2009

    1. Hello

      If you bought or sold something to me. Please leave feedback here.

      Thank you

    2. I sold two pairs of boots to Azulafan199, the transaction was quick and smooth, she paid quickly and had good communication. Reliable to have business with,

    3. Azulafan199 bought a pair of boots from me. She paid promptly and communication was great, thank you! =)
    4. I had the pleasure of selling a sweet RS Lan to Azulafan199, it was a GREAT transaction with wonderful communication and very fast payment! I would not hesitate to work with her again!!!
    5. Oops this feedback is long overdue. I sold a pair of boots to Azulafan199 and everything about it was great. She was very understanding of having to wait a while for us to meet so I could give them to her and she's was always super friendly. I would not hesitate to do business with her again! ^^
    6. Azulafan bought my X2 Louis from me. Wonderful communication, pleasant as always and she let me know as soon as she received him.

      Thank you! :D
    7. Azula also bought an msd sized outfit from me. Another flawless transaction! Thank you! <3
    8. I was in a prop swap with Azula and the gifts she sent were absolutely amazing! Draven got a special box to keep the items in, two wands, two glasses, a crystal, a box of tarot cards with a handy guide book, two voodoo dolls, a skeleton belt and a dragon pin

      Great communication and overall a wonderful swap partner :D
    9. Azula bought an AoD Juli from me and was a great buyer! She let me know when she could make her payment and I let her know the latest that I could ship her out. She was patient and understanding and let me know right away when she got in! Thanks so much for doing business with me!
    10. Sold Azulafan199 My damaged Dollzone Xi-Aleister head. Great communication, prompt payment, and a pleasure doing business with. Great buyer!
    11. Azula participated in my dollmore go! She is absolutely wonderful! Patient and prompt with payment, and good with communication.

      I wouldnt hesitate to host her again!

    12. Azula bought a DZ fox from me and it was a great transaction. She was friendly and prompt with messaging and payment :)
    13. azulafan199 bought a Barron from me. She was wonderful to deal with! :)