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Feedback for Azura Rose

Sep 15, 2009

    1. I figured now that I'm in a couple of splits, I should probably get a feedback thread started xD
    2. Azura Rose joined my Soom Cass split for the body, outfits and eyes. She made all her payments promptly, kept in very good contact throughout the whole transaction, and was overall excellent to work with.

      I'd definitely recommend her as a split partner.
    3. I have just completed a transaction with Azura Rose, where I bought from her a Iplehouse Jessica Pierrot.
      The transaction has positive and negative sides:
      - negative one is the communication and the shipping: communicatio was very bad from the start, she replied to my messages very slow, giving me the bad impression to be totally forgotten. The doll was shipped with a not trackable method, that is something not good when you have to ship a doll from Australia to Italy...
      - positive side is that, after my worried messages, she was collaborative and answered me well, showing me proof of shipping and asking to australian post office informations about the doll.
      The doll arrived today, well packed, in the conditions she told me so the transaction ends good. Maybe she just need more experience with international sales and a bit more experience too with communication as seller... ^^
    4. Azura_rose bought a Soom Shadow Onyx dreaming head from me and the transaction was a really positive experience. :3 She made the payment on the day as she promiced before, answered pretty fast to my pm's and was very kind.

      I definitely recommend her to everyone. :aheartbea
    5. [SIZE="-10"]Azura_Rose participated in a SOOM Sphaler split that I hosted and despite my emails not making it to her, everything went great. Communication was flawless and communication left absolutely nothing to be desired from her end. A fantabulous transaction from beginning to end~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for helping me bring my boy home! :pcake:bcake
    6. Azura_rose bought a Soom Shadow Onyx body from me.
      Communication was smooth and wonderfully transaction ^^
      On time payment and let me know when got the package :)
      Highly recommend for her ^^b
    7. Azura Rose took part in my Iplehouse Carina split and was a pleasure to order with. She has good communication, sent payment when she said she would, & is so nice!

      Thank so much! I'm glad you love your wig ^_^
    8. Azura_rose participated in my Leekeworld GO. Her communication is excellant and payment prompt.
      I would happily have her in any future dealings
    9. Azura_Rose commissioned me to do the faceup on her Soom Onyx. She was excellent to work with and very organized sending detailed information as well as picture examples for the fantasy part. I highly recommend her!
    10. I brought a Bygg default outfit from Azura_Rose
      Communication was quick as was shipping.
      Have and will buy from her again
    11. I bought a Jessica pierrot outfit from her ; perfect transaction, excellent communications and fast shipping. Would be very happy to deal with her again. I heartily recommend Azura Rose, it's a great seller ! ^^ Thanks.
    12. I sold Azura my Delf Shine Head and everything was great, fast answers, fast payment. Great buyer! \^0^/
    13. I did a comission for Azura Rose. She paid quickly, responded quickly, and was a pleasure to deal with. Defiently recommended!
    14. I sold a SOOM super gem body to Azura_Rose. She paid quickly and communication was fast and friendly! I would recommend her! Thanks again, Azura_Rose!
    15. Azura Rose purchased from me a soom white wig, sd size. she paid promptly and let me knew when the wig arrived. I highly recommend her as a buyer, thank you so much for such a nice transaction!
    16. I sold an Obsidius sword to Azura Rose - she was promt to pay and lovely to deal with. Couldn't have been simpler. Many Thanks :)
    17. I bought a head and tail from Azura_Rose, she sent it out very promptly, and it arrived quickly and in perfect condition!
    18. I bought my Grail Doll - Angelheim Zion - from Azura Rose. This was one of the smoothest transactions I have had on DOA. Her communication was excellent, my doll arrived Lightning Fast, and my credit was dealt with immediately. All of my concerns and questions were answered happily, and all of my concerns were laid to rest. I wish her all the best.