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Feedback for Azyntil

Jun 15, 2010

    1. Please leave all feedback for tranactions with me, Azyntil, here! Thanks so much!
    2. Azyntil bought some Soom Ai anters from me and was very communicative and paid promptly. She may be new to the boards, but she is an excellent buyer. I would definately do business with her again! :)
    3. Azyntil was a great buyer! She paid fast and was friendly in all her PMs! ^^ Thanks!
    4. Azyntil has brought some eyes from me, transaction went smoothly would do bussiness with her again. :)
    5. Azyntil participated in my Soom Remaining Story Aphan split and she was just a pleasure to deal with.
      Not only was she communicative and kind, she also made her payments promptly which made my job so very easy!
      I am so pleased with my split experience with Azyntil and wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again.
      Definitely recommended :)
    6. Azyntil purchased my Chrom on layaway and she was a treasure to work with! Communication was excellent including letting me know when payments would be coming, as well as letting me know when Chrom arrived safely. All payments were made either ahead of time or right on time throughout the entire layaway period. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again! Thank you so much!
    7. Azyntil participated in my Red Swap, and was a pleasure to have. She was prompt and courteous when returning my PM's, and shipped in a timely mannor. I would recommend Azyntil in any swap, and would love to have her as a participant in another of mine. Thanks so much! :]
    8. i joined her 'Io-keepin it real' split. she had great communication, and gave us advanced notice of when payments were due and everything. the eyes arrived in excellent condition and very well packaged! thanks!! :)
    9. I joined in a split for an IO Keepin it Real.....that Azyntil lead and got my Super Gem some jointed hands!.....thank you so much Az! you are an awesome person to deal with and hope we can do another split one day :)
    10. Azyntil bought a doll from me and it was a perfect transaction. Fast payment, and excellent communication. Would recommend! :D
    11. Azyntil purchased a hoodie from me recently and was just great to work with! Her responses were quick & she was understanding when I couldn't get a package out the day I said I would, thanks again!!
    12. Azyntil bought my LE pipos Alice with a long-ish lawaway. Every payment was made promptly and on time, and all communication was fast and friendly. I really enjoyed this easy-going transaction and wouldn't hesitate to do business with Azyntil again. :)
    13. Az purchased a hoodie from me recently and like before, was wonderful! I highly recommend her to anyone!!
    14. Azyntil bought a Soom Iv head from me. Great communication and quick payment. Thanks a bunch, I would love to work with you again.
    15. Azyntil joined my very first split, Idelean Hyperon order. She was easy to communicate with, quick to pay and quick to respond to my messages. She was a pleasure to deal with throughout the long layaway and if waiting for 5 and a half month layaway wasn't enough, she endured few weeks of Canada Post strike as well :)
      I would recommend Azyntil to anyone and would definitely work with her again :)
    16. Azyntil joined my kivi split for the wig and was a pleasure to deal with through the entire layaway and made each payment on time. Would definitely deal with again ^^
    17. Azyntil bought a pair of eyes from me, and everything went perfectly. I would be happy to deal with her again anytime! :)
    18. Azyntil participated in my SOOM Ario split. Everything was great, paid promptly and wouldn't hesitate to have her in another split. Thanks!
    19. Azyntil purchased a pair of Alk Talons from me. Payment was prompt and communication was excellent. A pleasure to work with. Thanks again!
    20. I participated in Azyntil's Soom Argil split, and the process was nothing but perfect! Azyntil is an awesome split leader; she is friendly, organized, keeps up good communication, and provides prompt & secure shipping!! I really appreciate her thoughtfulness... and the cute gift stickers she included inside the package as well! ^^

      I definitely won't hesitate joining in another Azyntil's split! Thank you so much!! :D