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feedback for babyelf

Jun 7, 2009

    1. Welcome to my feedback thread!

      Please leave all comments for transactions made with me on this spot.
    2. I sold a pair of YoSD wings to babyelf, and everything was great! Communication was superb, and babyelf was very patient and understanding. I definitely recommend babyelf as a great buyer! Thank you so much and enjoy the wings!
    3. babyelf purchased a Brownie head from me. She paid superfast and was a delight to trade with all the way, she let me know when it arrived safely too which is always great. I would highly recommend anyone to trade with her. Thanks babyelf!!!
    4. babyelf bought a glot outfit from me.
      Payment was promt and communication was clear!
      A highly recomended buyer and I would love to deal with her again<3
      Thanks for the great transaction<33
    5. Just completed a trade with babyelf and everything went like a dream!

      Great communication,lovely person to deal with and superfast shipping.

      Thankyou so much Ramona
    6. I bought a Kid Delf Aru from babyelf and the whole transaction was great! She was super quick with communication and answered all my questions, and Aru was very well packaged and shipped promptly. Great seller! Thank you so much!
    7. Babyelf is the sweetest kindest person, she let me put a wig in her order to save on shipping.Highly recommenfd.Thanks :aheartbea
    8. I bought a CH Ange Ai from Babyelf and she was the sweetest person !!! We had some issue with the post office tracking that did not seem to work and she reassured me, saying that it happened before. And there is my dolly at home !!! Very good condition, well packed, and very very nice seller !!! I totally recommend her, she is so helpful !
      Thanks again Babyelf :)
    9. Just completed a transaction with babyelf.. Everything went just as it should. Goot communications.. Highly reccomend any transactions.
    10. Excellent transaction wiby babyelf who purchased an outfit from me. Payment was fast and communication was good. A perfect buyer. Thanks!
    11. babyelf sold me a Yo-sd and I am very pleased with the doll. Her communication was great and the transaction was perfect.

      Thanks so much!
    12. I bought a SOOM Glot head from babyelf, the transaction was perfect. She was very friendly and shipped quickly, the head arrived safe and very well packed, thank you!
    13. I bought a MSDoll Pan from babyelf and I am very happy with the transaction! She shipped quickly and had great communication. Would definitely do business with her again!
    14. I bought a Felix brownie Momo from this lovely lady and it all went very smoothly. Nicely tracked and evrything.

      big thank you Lesley...highly reccomended.
    15. I bought a Asleep Eidolon Cookie from Babyelf and it went very smooth. Arrived after a week very well packed and looks as good as new! Would definitely buy from again ~
      Many thanks.
    16. I just received a pair of Soom horns from babyelf. The transaction was perfect, with excellent communication all along. Horns are absolutely perfect and exactly as described.
    17. I just received Beyla from babyelf. Excellent communication & fast shipping.
      Thank you very much for your patience!
    18. I bought three lovely wigs from babyelf. Communication was excellent and she sent them very quickly. I'm very pleased.
    19. babyelf purchased some pukifee wings from me, it was a great transaction from start to finish with superfast payment, great communication and she kindly let me know when they arrived safely. Highly recommend to everyone!!
    20. I bought soom AI pointing hands from babyelf. Perfect transaction, great communication and very fast shipping.

      Thank you bery much.