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Feedback for babytarragon

May 4, 2006

    1. Please remember to say whether it's a feedback for me or for Happydoll UK somewhere in your post. Thanks everyone ^^

      Fantastic sellers-
      Erzsebeth ( www.hybrid-moon.com ) Maria is really lovely, I've bought two dolls and various things through her and she is very reliable, helpful and prompt. She sends really nice e-mails too!

      I'm sure I've forgotten a few, so if you've dealt with me and you are not mentioned here, just be cheeky and PM me and I'll put you up!

      I've never had a bad transaction on DoA, you are all lovely! ^-^
    2. I recieved prompt payment for the commission and babytarragon was pleasant to deal with and communicated well.
    3. I purchased a HappyDoll Elf Carrie from babytarragon and the transaction was excellent! I paid for her through layaway, and she was very patient awaiting my payments! She packed her wonderfully and she arrived in four days! From the UK no less! Thanks so much for an excellent transaction, babytarragon! I highly recommend buying from this seller! <3<3

      Indie says hi!
    4. :) I purchased a dollmore u jee from babytarragon, she was posted the same day, wrapped very securely and arrived the next morning, here in the uk. She is an excellent friendly seller and I can thoroughly recommend her to all. :) Thank you for Doreen, I love her:aheartbea
    5. i bought a doll from babytarragon and the transaction went smoothly, she is a fantastic seller and always replies very quickly and friendly :daisy thanks!
    6. Nice customer, and very kind person, ^^

      thanks and i just created a feedback thread, if you can come to make me a comment, i will be very glad, ^^
    7. I just bought a Happydoll Huey from babytarragon, and it was an all-around pleasant transaction.

      The doll arrived a mere five days after I'd paid -- even though it was from the UK to Germany and over the weekend, so that's pretty incredible!

      Everything was packed very securely. The doll is clean and in great condition, and babytarragon even included an outfit, a wig and eyes, even though I'd only paid for the naked doll... Not to mention the sweets and the drawing of my doll Dawn! o__O

      Thank you!
    8. I just bought a doll from BabyTarragon and it was an excellent transaction. Fast shipping and a very nice person to deal with.
    9. I bought two pairs of eyes ^^ and they've both arrived completely umharmed and perfect <3 Items were just as described.
    10. I just got the wig from you today, you were so fast! o_o

      Thanks so much, I will recommend you to anyone I can<33
    11. Bought a doll and it was packed extremely well for more economical international shipping, and was sent very fast! This is a terrific person to do a dealing with!
    12. GREAT seller! Thanks so much, Georgia--it only took 1 week from the UK to Oregon, USA. :aheartbea
    13. I bought two pairs of glass eyes from babytarragon. When she was told that one of the pairs was not from the company she thought it was, she instantly PMed me and lowered the price, to less than $5 for a pair of beautiful glass eyes! She was very fast with communication and gave me a refund (for the price difference) almost instantly. I received the eyes from the UK to Canada in a week (wow!), and they were packaged very nicely. I would certainly do business with her again! ^ ^
    14. babytarragon bought a 4 sister head from me and was a wonderful buyer. She payed and answered emails quickly and was great to talk with. Highly recommended as a great buyer.
    15. Babytarragon bought a wig from me. She was quick to send payment and to reply to PMs~ Very smooth transaction, great buyer!
    16. I just bought a SD body from babytarragon, and she is a great seller.
      Very polite and friendly, always keeps you informed with emails and she's shipping extremely fast, next day delivery! I am very pleased I hope I will deal with her again in the future.
    17. I bought a BJD from Babytarragon, and it was a primo transaction. I was keep well informed, all my questions were answered immediately, and my BJD was mailed the very next day. Babytarragon also included a couple of free gifts. Quite perfect! I can highly recommend Babytarragon.
    18. Babytarragon is a great seller to deal with - I'd bought a mini sized dress from here, and she was always quick and friendly with answering questions and communication in general. And the dress arrived in record time after payment too! Did I mention she threw in free postage?

      Thank you heaps! :D
    19. sorry - I'm late too!

      I sold a body to babytarragon and she was very nice throughout :)

      BIG thank you! :fangirl:
    20. Babytarragon was a DREAM to work with! She was very kind and helped me understand the Royal Mail system, and even offered to send my item though a method that would have been more work for herself. WONDERFUL lady! ^_^