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Feedback for bandit1971

Apr 28, 2010

    1. Please post all buying/selling feedback for me here.
    2. I sold a doll to Bandit and she was wonderful! She kept in touch, got me the money right on time, and was just a general pleasure to deal with. I know she will give him a wonderful home and if I ever got the chance I would definitely deal with her again! A++!
    3. bandit1971 had participated in my soom tiny split. Sadly, things did not go well with this particular member of the split. There was an issue with being impatient with me when some of the issues I couldn't control. She did not make some payments on time (in which I told her not to worry and to pay me when she could, then she paid me in full). When I set up a time to meet her, and was unable to meet her (due to being ill), she was very short with me over PMs. She asked for me to ship the package to her (which I did), and I also informed her that it had been shipped. I still have never known if the package had arrived to her safely or not, so I suppose there was a lack of communication there. I choose to keep this very brief and to the point, unlike her feedback that she has given me which was off topic from the actual transaction that we were having. But she did pay me in full, and thus I cannot be mad about that part of this split. She will be a good member of any split. She will pay, she will keep tabs on the split, and she will ask questions. But be aware that if there is something to go wrong, she will not be very reasonable.
    4. My reply to Ginko - She has my phone number, my email, and the contact information of other friends we both knew that she could have used to get ahold of me. The arranged meet-up time was set two weeks in advance for both of our convenience and I waited an hour for what should have been a five minute transaction. (With my bus scheduled AND the weather, that was a nightmare.) She did not show, and she did not send me anything before hand or even after, to say that she wouldn't be able too. She had already been flaky on communication throughout the whole split to begin with. As for the not paying...
      She requested that I enter the split with her in the beginning so that she could have both sets of eyes. I reluctantly agreed that day because she was a friend, and paid her in full the next time I saw her, a few days later after I had been paid at work. This was BEFORE the split had even been entered into SOOM.
      I requested that the wig be shipped to me, because she had already flaked out on the meeting up and would not drop it off at a mutual friends house who lived just a few blocks away (which was fine and understandable with me, in case something went wrong.) I did inform her when the wig arrived, but she never replied to my PM.
    5. I participated in a trade with bandit1971, and she was an excellent partner! Her responses were quick, she provided pictures when asked - it was all around a perfect trade! Couldn't be happier with my transaction! :D
    6. bandit1971 participated in my LeekeWorld Winter GO (sorry for the lateness >_<;;; ). She was a great participant. She paid all invoices promptly. All communication we had was very friendly too. Thank you so much for joining :)
    7. Bandit commissioned some face ups from me! She is very friendly and patient! Would love to work with her again in the future!
    8. I bought a Doll Chateau Ada from her. She was very nice and answered any questions that I had, even included a few free wigs with the tiny moose! She was also very patient with me throughout the whole thing! Definitely would do business with her again!