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Feedback for Barbara

Nov 28, 2009

    1. My feedback thread
      (Since 2005, I bought dolls from : Biscuitbear (1) , Byakuyaten (1), kirane (3), Tinybear (1), zouzou (1), Nyhl (2) , Enaibi (1), Raven (1), Biancapaparella (1), Farin (1), Darkangel (2) etc…
      I also bought books, outfits, wigs, etc…)
    2. Yes! Barbara adopted my BW Susie "Bridget" several years ago! It was a flawless transaction.

      Nice to see you here again, Barbara!
    3. Yup, Barbara bought a Zuzu Delf Frise from me a while back. She paid quickly and was very nice to deal with altogether. :3nodding:
    4. I've sold three dolls over the past years to Barbara. Easy to deal with, prompt payment and very friendly, I know the dolls I left to her are loved and well cared ^^
    5. Sold my Bandi to Barbara some years ago. It was a smooth and easy EU transacton with excellent communication.
    6. I sold my Dollshe Ru to Barbara.
      A pleasant dealing, she paid so quickly and wait patiently.
      I gave a positive feedback for her ^^
      Thank you so much!!