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feedback for Barbra

Nov 30, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback for me when you bought a doll or doll clothes from me.
      I would really be happy.
      thank you verry much!!:lol:
    2. Barbra purchased AI hani from me. We had a very good communication. She paid quickly and notified me when the package arrived.
      Thank you so much:aheartbea
    3. Positive.

      Barbra purchased my CH Uri. We had excellent communication. She paid quickly. Best part, as always, is being notified when the package arrived WITH the link to an adorable photostory. All went superb!

      Thanks so much!
    4. Barbra sold me a Unoa Sist with lots of extras. She was super friendly to communicate with and took such good care packing the doll! The box was wrapped like a present and arrived very quickly! There was lots of padding to make sure the doll would be safe too. I'm so happy with my new girl! Thank you!! :)
    5. I bought 2 Unoa faceplates from Barbra and they were both exactly as was described! Other than slightly slow communication (which is fully understandable) I'm super happy. Transaction was easy, shipping was fast, and the faceplates were well packaged.
    6. Barbra purchased a Custom House AI BonBon. Communication was good, very friendly and she paid promptly. I would not hesitate to buy or sell to her in the future. Enjoy!
    7. Barbra bought two dress sets from me, and it was a pleasnat transaction. Fast payment & great communication, and she let me know when she got the items. I'd love to deal with her again in future. Highly recommended!! Thanks a lot!
    8. This user purchased a doll from me. Was prompt with payment and very polite. Was quite difficult after doll arrived though and claimed she was dirty and yellowed when I didn't notice anything of the sort (and neither of us noticed anything in the nude pictures I sent to her of the doll beforehand). Was very stressful and rude at that point and got really upset on me not including something extravagant for an 'extra'. Be careful when dealing with this user. From the past reviews I see she usually seems okay, so I'm not sure what to say.
    9. Barbra bought a pair of Volks hands and 3 SD outfits from me. The transaction was very pleasant and she was really friendly and paid when she said and told me when the package arrived. She's a nice buyer, I highly recommend her! Thank you!
    10. Her sales tread stated "doll with extra's" not asked for extravagant anything just for what she advertised! Included in sale: Full doll set, outfit shown in pictures, original box, original papers and extras!
      (when someone writes this, is it weird that I expected the doll would bring something more?) I do understand that I trust people to fast.
      Luckely I had some very nice purchases after this one.
    11. Barbra bought a doll from me, payment and communication was very prompt. Great buyer, thank you again!
    12. Barbra bought 7 doll outfits from me, payment was quick and communication was great. Wonderful person to deal with. Thank You:)

    13. Barbra bought a doll from me. She was very nice and friendly in convos and paid quickly.
      And let me know right away after the doll arrived. I'm really happy with this
      transaction and would definitely recommend Barbra as a buyer! Many thanks indeed! <3
    14. Barbra bought a doll from me, payment and communication was very prompt. She was very nice and friendly and let me know right away after the doll arrived in safety. Great buyer, thank you again!
    15. Barbra bought a Volks head from me and it was a very pleasant transaction. She always replied messages and paid quickly, and also told me when the head arrived. She is an absolute wonderful buyer! Thank you! :)
    16. I sold Barbra some SD shoes. Very friendly buyer who sent payment quickly. I was noticed as soon as the shoes arrived. I would be happy to sell to again. Thanks very much for a great transaction!
    17. Barbra bought Makoeyes from me. She was very friendly and paid on time. And let me know when the eyes came. Thank you!
    18. Barbra purchased Volks SD Nono from me. She was incredibly nice and friendly in her replies and sent payment quickly.

      Thank you!
    19. Barbra purchased the shoes, fullset outfit and wig from the Volks Yu Morisawa about two weeks ago from me. Everything was perfect since the very beggining . She paid in an split of an eye and was incredibly kind and patient while talking to me ^^. Also, kindly, let me know when she received her package at her home safely ^^ .

      I have no doubt at all that I would love to deal with her in future if she allows me to do so ^^ !

      Thank you so much sweetie, it's been a real pleasure to be able to dealing with you !.