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Feedback for Baris

Apr 18, 2010

    1. If we have traded please feel free to leave your feedback in this thread

      Thank you :)
    2. Feedbac for baris
      i just bought a super gem ws boy body from baris and its perfect..it was shipped super fast and packaged very carefully..baris is an extreamly nice person to do business with and i would certainly do business with baris again in the future..what a doll baris is..he he
    3. Sorry for keep you waiting!
      I bought from Baris MA Rex head. Thank you, dear! I really have no words to explain how grateful I am! Rex was my dream-doll for a long time, and few month ago SOOM discounted it. I almost lost any hope to buy his someday. So you can understand how dissapointed I was!..
      But then a saw Baris's thread. And Baris agreed to do a split!!! So the SG body were sold first, and the head was mine.
      Maybe I'm a little emotional, but it's not just 'thank-you' post. Baris made my dream come true)
      Baris is wonderful seller! Responsible for personal messages quickly and carefully. Baris estimated the cost of delivery for me. The head was sent to the following day after my payment. I recommend this seller to you.
      Thank you once again!!!))))