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Feedback for Beautifully.Tragic

Apr 6, 2010

    1. If you've had any sort of transaction with me, please leave your feedback here~!

      Thanks so much ^_^
    2. This was a Great transaction and I just wanted to say that i would buy from u again and other should too. U r courteous, and responsbile and I apprecated the willingness to work with the fact that I had never done a trascation before. Big thumbs up.
    3. beautifully.tragic purchased a couple items from my shop. Everything went very well and I would love to work with beautifully.tragic again! Thanks~:aheartbea
    4. I bought a Cass head from Beautifully.Tragic, she is very kind, honest and communication was great, it was a very pleasant transaction and I recommend her without a doubt.
    5. I bought a Luts Summery '09 head from beautifully.tragic. It was a very good experience, and she even saved the head for me until I had enough funds to pay for it. I would do business with her again!
    6. I bought a Luts Winter 2008 head from beatifully.tragic. The communication was swift and pleasant and I got a nice card from her with the package. I would certainly recommend her!
    7. Beatifully.tragic Is a fantastic Dealer to work with ^^
      I bought Chimera Luna Parts from her. Was in the exact conditions announced on the thread.
      She is very quick to response via Note/PM. Answers all questions asked. She even hand delivered the Parts to me!

      I recommend her as a great dealer.
    8. I just received a pair of DOC fist hands I purchased from beautifully.tragic on the marketplace. The transaction was perfect, would definately deal with beautifully.tragic and recommend to anyone looking to buy from her. :)
    9. Beautifully.tragic allowed me to do a layaway for Hati parts and it was one of the best transactions I have been involved in. She was very patient and accommodating. Everything was well packed and the shipment was very timely. I would definitely recommend her!!
    10. Beautifully.tragic participated in my FairyLand Group Order. Transactions were smooth and payment was prompt. I would recommend her :)
    11. Beautifully.tragic was a member of my Silt split. She was wonderful to have in it! quick communication and payment and very patient when her parts were defective. Thanks!
    12. Beautifully.tragic participated in a Minimee group order that I ran. She was very prompt with payments at all times, and I appreciate the cooperation which helped this order run as smoothly as it did. :)
    13. I bought a Syen head from beautifully.tragic. Great communication and amazing head. Love it. :D
    14. have traded two wigs with Beautifully.Tradgic, items arrived safely!
      great communication, she's very friendly:)
      thank you very much~
    15. Beautifully.Tragic commissioned me for a faceup, and she was a wonderful commissioner to work with! She gave me a lot of freedom with the faceup and let me paint her doll as I liked. We communicated well back and forth, and she paid very quickly. Thank you very much for commissioning me!
    16. Beautifully.Tragic joined my LUTS group order. She paid promptly and let me know when the item arrived. She was also very patient in waiting for the post office to send her item<3 as it took awhile, I'm glad for that. So thank you :3

      All in all, our 'transaction' went very smoothly without worries. I'd gladly include her into any GOs I may do in the future, hands down!
    17. ^__^ Tragic joined in my split order and communication was great ^^ and she was a pleasure to deal with when Soom took ages to send out our order ^^ would gladly work with her again~ ^^
    18. Did a pair of faceups for Beautifully.Tragic, she was very friendly, clearly expressed what she was looking for and was more than understanding when I realized I failed to get a tracking number.
      She's a lovely person to work with and I'd be more than happy to do business with her again :)
    19. I bought a Pukifee faceplate from beautifully.tragic, and she´s such a nice person to deal with. My best thanks for a pleasant transaction and warm recommends - wouldn´t hesitate a moment to buy from her again. :)
    20. I bought a Soom Lami Surprise Head from beautifully.tragic. She's such a lovely person to deal with and always communicated well despite being busy. I would recommend her to others and wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again