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feedback for bebop845

May 30, 2008

    1. my feedback! thanks ^.^ :)
    2. I worked on bebop845's DZ Megi and she was a treat to work with. ^_________^
      Communication was pleasent and payment was promnt. I would do business with her again anytime.
    3. [SIZE="-10"]Bebop845 was a participant in my latest Dollmore group order and everything went wonderfully, which is always pleasing for me. :D Payments were prompt, communication warrants no complaints from me and she was just an all around pleasure to deal with. It goes without saying that I would not mind having her in another one of my orders at all.

      :clover Thank you so much for being such a wonderful participant. `Tis much appreciated! :clover
    4. bebop bought a pair of jeans from us. Quick payment, great communication and a pleasure to deal with. Perfect!! Thanks so much!!
    5. bebop845 did my DZ Yuu's faceup as part of her joint-project free faceups. She did a great job and Deemon is so much prettier now! :D
    6. I bought a DZ fox from bebop845. It was a very nice transaction! she even offered to remove the body blush =) the lil fox arrived just in time for my friend'sbirthday! thanks ^^
    7. Ten reason why I left you a bad feedback
      1) head was send back in June, for a ‘face up’
      2) NO notational at all when my head did arrive, only got one because I have to ask in the thread
      3) Commutation is at pit bottom, none at all, unless I PM
      4) Didn’t even know the thread was ‘temporally’ close until I spent two week hunting it down
      5) Weeks/months went by without any news ‘again’
      6) Reply to one email, with the excuse that face up is finished, but got drop, dirty and is now being redo
      7) PM been all but ignore
      8) I finally page in September, it is now December.
      9) Bebop845 reply to page once, say Verse was going to send it. Since we both live in the US, I waited to week for the head…no head arrive, it been more then three week.
      10)Verse didn’t PM me at all, SO I was force to PM her. She say she ‘got’ no excuse to why she didn’t send my head sooner back to me -.-. Got a email saying that the box got send back to her, ‘wrong address’ was the reason given, no reply to any PM now.

      Well…..I think I sort of can make it more then ten, but that saying, neither Bebop nor verse can be trusted at all…everything was down in the pits, everything. This is the worst I have deal with from anyone, much less two people. -100%!, is one unhappy camper.

      Sorry for going over the top, but I felt it was…needed -.-and my head still isn't home.
    8. Bebop bought a body from me. ^_^ She sent payment right when she said she would and was great to work with.

      Thanks! Bebop!
    9. I purchased a Bobobie 60cm boy body from bebop845 and everything went perfectly! Smooth transaction, friendly communication, and a great bjd body! Thank you so much ^_^
    10. I purchased a head from bebop845. She was nice to deal with and the head arrived well packed. There was a bit of a delay with shipping but she responded to all PM's and it wasn't an oddly long time, only a few days. :)
    11. bebop845 bought a wig from me. A bit slow with responding to PMs and making payment due to computer/internet problems, but the transaction otherwise went very smoothly :3
    12. Bought two puki bodies from Bebop845, transaction went beautifully, even added a few extra stuff!!!! My girls were soo happy! THANX!!!!!!!
    13. Purchased a pong pong face in which Bebop845 did a wonderful faceup...good communication and wonderful to work with. Would do business with again! Thank you...
    14. I've just recieved a Puki Piki faceplate from Bebop. She was very fast at replying and nice to deal with. Piki was packaged so well in a nice little giftbox and sent as soon as i paid for her.
      Will buy from her again.
    15. Bought a DZ Shoyo head from Bebop~

      School got in the way a little of delivery but he got here fine and the packaging was AMAZING!


      : ) wonderful transaction, thank you!
    16. bebop bought LTF jumper from us. Another quick and painless transaction! Thanks again!!
    17. bebop845 took part in a dollmore GO i recently ran. Everything was sooth sailing, great communication, fast payment, and very nice x3 a pleasure to work with!
    18. I bought a vest and a pair of shoes from bebop845. The vest is wonderful and the shoes are in excellent condition. They came well protected and shipping was quick! I would gladly purchase from again!
    19. had a great transaction with bebop845, I bought her Pipos Cheshire and he arrived fast, well packed and with a little red sweater!:) thanks so much!
    20. I bought a pair of eyes from bebop845. Quick shipping; packaged nicely. :)
      Thanks a bunch! :)