Feedback for Beedalee

Dec 21, 2018

    1. For those that have done doll business with me- either as a seller or customer- please leave your feedback here!

      Thank you so much! :goldstar
    2. Bee is absolutely WONDERFUL to deal with! She's incredibly patient and has FANTASTIC communication. I traded a BBB Isabella for some amazing artwork! It was a wonderful trade and I'd highly recommend doing business with her!
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    3. I contacted Bee about her Cupid 3 WTB on the marketplace. She was soo excited as he was one of her grail dolls. She was lovely to talk to, paid me fast and let me know when he got there. I’m soo happy you got one of your grail dolls!
      Thankyou soo much and enjoy your little dolly!
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    4. I answered a WTB that Bee had on the marketplace and she was absolutely lovely to deal with. Great communication, paid promptly and was just overall an absolute joy to deal with.
    5. It makes me glad when someone is enthusiastic about a doll I am letting go of, gives them a new life. thank you for that and for being easy to work with.