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Feedback for Bell <3

Feb 23, 2007

    1. Here's my feedback thread :aheartbea If you had a transaction with me I'll be a happy panda if you leave me feedback. ;)
    2. Bell was a pleasure to deal with =) I highly recommend her :D
    3. Bell was so lovely to deal with ^^ i would recommend her to any seller :) thanks so much :D
    4. I had a transaction with Bell :)
      Fast payment, great communication. I recommend Bell to other buyers / sellers :)
    5. A pleasure to deal with. Quick answers to pms.

    6. Bell bought a Lati M boy from me. Quick payment and super nice :) Props to Bell
    7. Bell bought my DOC Bee-A. Quick payment, and she was quick to let me know when the doll arrived, too. Pleasure to do business with -- Anytime!!

    8. Bell participated in my group order and was absolutely wonderful! I hope to all my orders with people like Bell :)
    9. Bell ran a great group order that I participated in. Went really smooth.
      THanks Bell-Fitz
    10. On top of having one of the all time greatest avatars of all time, Bell was an absolute dream! When our items were switched in a group order, she helped me sort out where my wigs were (and vice versa), and then she shipped my stuff to me the instant it arrived. She was super-ethical and very nice to boot!
    11. I participated in a group order run by Bell and had no problems. Thank you very much! :)
    12. I joined a dollmore group order coordinated by Bell. Communication was great...very friendly to work with...fast shipping! Thank you!
    13. I took part in a dollmore group order run by Bell. Everything went smoothly and all my items arrived well packaged and just like I wanted. Thank you so much!
    14. was in dollmore group order by Bell, :3 no problems whatsoever
      packaged well too ;]
    15. Was also in a dollmore group order. My package arrived safe and sound. Everything was just perfect. Super-friendly and a total sweetheart. :aheartbea
    16. Bell bought a Volks Kurenai outfit from me and I enjoyed having this transaction with her. Bell is a wonderful buyer who paid quickly and provided great communication for this smooth transaction. I would love to deal with her again~! Thank you much sweetie!
    17. Bell bought a pair of eyes from me and was an excellent buyer! She paid up promptly and informed me when the eyes arrived! ^_^
    18. I did a partial trade with Bell and everything went without a hitch! My item arrived well packaged and promptly great seller/trader :) Highly recomended!! Thanks again
    19. Very friendly and helpful, a pleasure to deal with ^^
    20. Bell is awesome.

      I bought a kstarr wig from her, and oh my, it was extremely well packaged! I was so suprised, and it make me smile :D

      the wig is in amazing condition... looks BRAND NEW >w< yay.

      Thank you soo much :D<3