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Feedback for bepsey007

Apr 21, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback if i've bought something or sold you something :)
    2. She bought a head from me and was a wonderful buyer. Good transaction, she' s very nice to talk to and informed me at once when the head arrived.
      I recommend her and would deal with her again.
      Thank you. ♥
    3. I m leaving her flakey buyer feedback. We were in contact about a DIM boy body that she was interested in purchasing. We even discussed a payment arrangement, I have been waiting for her decision on the body for over a month now. I was going to list it but decided against it until I heard from her. I do have listed now but waiting all that time I'm sure I missed out on other buyers.

      I do not appreciate her having no communication with me when her responses where so quick previously.
    4. i have to apologise about the no reply, my internet had been down and had no way of getting online to get in contact. Many apologies.
    5. bepsey007 bought a DIM body from me and was a wonderful buyer. She answered PM’s quickly, kept a friendly communication, payment came on time and made sure to tell me when the doll arrived :)

      I highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much!
    6. I sold a Migidoll Ryu to bepsey007. We started a 2-month layaway in August that ended up lasting until January; however, this was due to Internet and personal problems on her part. She was very apologetic when I didn't hear from her for a while and was communicative after she cleared up the issues. Ultimately, it was a successful transaction. Thank you!
    7. bepsey007 bought a pair of eyes from me. really nice person and wonderful to deal with.
      Thanks Again
    8. Bepsey007 purchased a couple of s hooks from me and everything went perfectly! She paid super fast and even let me know when the arrived! Thank you so much ^_^
    9. bepsey007 purchased some wigs from me, she was fantastic to deal with and I'd love to do business again!
    10. bepsey007 bought a necklace from me ^^
      Communications was great and payment was prompt!
      Also let me know once the necklace arrived!
      A+ Buyer ;) Thank you again!
    11. bepsey007 purchased a shirt from my shop. bepsey007 paid quickly and had great communication. Thanks! ^^
    12. bepsey007 bought some stuff from me~ bepsey007 was great with communication and paid right away once there was money in paypal ;D

      Great buyer! Thanks a lot~
    13. bepsey007 bought a shirt from me some weeks back, everything went smoothly, she's a good buyer :3
    14. Flakey Seller Feedback In November I messaged bepsey007 trying to arrange to purchase a DIM Love male body for sale in the marketplace. At first responses were timely, then I did not hear from the seller for several weeks. Then bepsey007 returned and messaged me saying they had had internet connection problems and asked if I wanted to proceed with the transaction, to which I aggreed I would like to. We managed to communicate further for a little while, but when I sent my payment for the cost of the body + a little extra toward shipping I never heard from bepsey007 again, even though I sent a few messages to make sure they had received my payment, and I saw that they logged onto the forum several times. On December 31st the money I sent was refunded to me automatically via Paypal because it sat unclaimed by bepsey007 for 30 days. I am not completely certain what went wrong in this transaction, I understand limited internet access, and I even understand if there was something external going on that made bepsey007 unable to complete the transaction with me. I just would have really appreciated any communication from the user while the transaction was seriously underway. I would never buy from or sell to this user again because of this complete lack of communication.