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Feedback for Bfairy13

Oct 30, 2009

    1. I guess I should have one of these since I have started buying stuff from all you wonderfui people, and plan to start selling stuff soon.

      You know the routine, love you lots!
    2. Sold a doll to Bfairy. Quick payment and messages. She even sent a picture of the doll when she received her. Thanks again! ^ ^
    3. Sold a pair of Volks boots to Bfairy13. Incredibly friendly in her PMs, and super-fast in her payment. She was a joy to deal with. Thanks again!
    4. Did trade with, and I LOVE what I got out of it! Thanks so much! <3
    5. Bfairy13 purchased an outfit and boots from me. Communications were great, super quick pay! Highly recommend!
    6. Bfairy13 bought a head from me and was great to work with. Prompt payment and very good at communicating. highly recommend her.:fangirl:
    7. Bought an Iplehouse Barron head. Shipped super quick!!! Head was a bit dirty but nothing a rinse and scrub couldn't fix!
    8. Sold Bfairy a bunch of clothes, excellent to deal with :)
    9. I sold 3 hand made outfits to Bfairy13 and it was a smooth and friendly transaction :) She is welcome back any time!!
    10. i sold quite a few MSD and Slim Mini sized items to Bfairy13 and couldn't be happier with the transaction. everything went wonderfully; would definitely buy/sell/trade with Bfairy13 again!
    11. Bfairy bought my Tedros, and is a 100% awesome person to do dolly business with :D I would happily deal with her again, and encourage everyone else to as well! :D
    12. Bfairy13 recently purchased my SDF Bliss. Sweet person to deal with and a great buyer. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. Thanks!
    13. She purchased some clothes from me. Communication was good, and she paid quickly. A lovely person to do business with.
    14. Bfairy13 purchased a doll from me on layaway. She was very punctual about paying, a great communicator and very sweet person. Would definitely work with her again (either buying or selling).
    15. Bfairy13 purchased an MSD outfit from me. :) Quick payment and good communication. She let me know when the outfit arrived.
    16. Bfairy13 purchased some MSD clothing from me and was an absolute pleasure to deal with, quick payment and awesome communication!~Thank you and hope you enjoy the items^^