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Feedback for biancapaparella

Jan 11, 2007

    1. Hi, this is my feedback thread. Thank you for your reply.
    2. I sold my Volks SD16 Olivia to Biancapaparella and I must say it was an absolute Dream Transaction:aangel: She was Amazing.... She was Kind, Understanding, Patient, Responsive... And just the sweetest Girl Alive:D Highly Recomend this girl. She was amazing:love Thank you Sweetie!!!!!!!
    3. I bought my Volks Madoka from Biancapaparella. She was excellent with correspondence and updates. Even though it is intimidating to do business overseas usually, she made it very easy and pleasant. The doll was well packaged and got here safe and sound. Totally recommend her! :)
    4. Biancapaparella bought a pair if shoes from me, paid promptly and good comunication.Lovely person Thankyou.:)
    5. I just received my doll from biancapaparella. It was just as decribed and in beautiful condition. Also packed very well and arrived safely. Thank you very much !! ^o^
    6. I just bought a doll from biancapaparella and it was a total pleasure!

      She is an excellent communicator, very patient, and very understanding.

      I highly recommend doing business with her.
    7. I purchased Puki lucky punch hands and wingtop boots from biancapaparella, and they came promptly and safely :) A wonderful transaction! I'm very happy with them ^^
    8. I bought a Puki Piki faceplate from biancapaparella and everything was perfect! The faceplate came very quick and very safe packed and it was a pleasure to communicate with biancapaparella. I can highly recommend her!
    9. I bought a puki pipi from biancapaparella
      great transaction
      she was very helpful,friendly and fast with shipping
      thanks again!!
    10. I bought Volks SDG Luna from Bianca on layaway plan.

      Bianca is a very friendly, kind, patient and an understanding seller. She allowed me to put my dream doll on layaway when I asked. Moreover, she answered my questions about shipping. Her communication skills is simply perfect!

      Her description of the doll is exact and the doll arrived safely and in perfect condition. Everything was very clean and smelled very clean!

      She was also kind enough to ship my doll so quickly and safely. Everything was well-protected. I have no complaints at all.

      I had a very pleasant time dealing with Bianca and I highly recommend her for international transactions. She is trustworthy, accurate and very friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to do business with her again.

      I'm so very happy! :D

      Thank you so very much, Bianca, for making my doll dream come true. :aheartbea
    11. I just had a great transaction with biancapaparella when she bought a doll from me.
      Everything went smooth with prompt payments and great communication.
      She notified me the moment the doll arrived and has been a real pleasure to deal with.
      Very highly recommended!
      Thank you!
      ~Amanda :clover
    12. biancapaparella sold me her IH Benny *____*
      wonderful and smooth transaction, great communication!
      definitely recommended,
      thank you ^_________________^
    13. Biancapaparella bought a doll from me, she paid very quickly.
      She was very pleasant to deal with and also very understanding while I was not able to ship the doll quickly because of the strike in french public services.
      I really enjoyed the transcation and will be happy to deal with her again!!
    14. I sold my Narin Dandelion to Biancapaparella, and it was a wonderful easy transaction. I had been warned that it was hard or risky to send packages to Italy, but I sent it regular mail through the USPS, with insurance, and the package was delivered without incident in a timely fashion. This member is great to deal with, very clear and prompt in her communications and payment.
    15. Bianca bought a wig from me. She was friendly during all conversation and patient. Would definatly deal with again! Thank you so much! :)
    16. I bought an SD16 Olivia head from biancapaparella and the transaction was perfect!

      Great communication, fast shipping, very safe packaging! She was also very kind and patient to explain shipping options to me, as I have never bought from Italy before.

      I would not hesitate to buy from her again!

      Thank you so much! :)
    17. I bought an SD16 girl body from biancapaparella, and everything went great! Quick contact, very helpful, shipped immediately, and the body arrived in great shape! I'd gladly do business with her in the future!
    18. I bought a face plate from Bianca and she was an excellent fast communicator with quick posting of the item. A very pleasant transaction.
    19. I bought beautiful doll dress from Bianca, it was a perfect transaction. She agreed for layaway, sent dress immediately, very well packed. Moreover, she's a lovely person to deal with. Highly recommended!
    20. I bought Sd16 Olivia outfit from Biancapaparella. She was very pleasent to deal with and the outfit was sent fast and securely and arrived in perfect condition :) I'd love to deal with her again in the future!
      Thanks so much!