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Feedback for bibiteko

Jan 23, 2008

    1. So i never thought about starting a feedback thread until TATA told me she couldn't find mine ^^;

      Ahh, so here is my feedback thread =D *bows*
    2. bibiteko some outfits from me~and make a very quickly payment~~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^very lovely person~ ^^
      thanks dear~~
    3. She bought few items from me.
      Very friendly person and smooth transaction.
      Thank you =^_^=
    4. bibiteko participated in a Minimee Group order that I organised, and was a pleasure to do business with- payment was prompt, communications were polite and friendly, and she let me know when her head arrived. I'd recommend doing business with her to anyone :)
    5. I bought shoes from her. Great item, very friendly person, and smooth transaction.
      Thank you so much :-)
    6. I bought a wig from bibi. The transaction was excellent! She replied very quickly and very friendly to all my questions, and she kept me informed when she shipped the wig.
      Thanks a lot :)
    7. bibiteko bought an 08 Man's head from me and though she couldn't pay right away, she made sure to let me know when she could and then did right away.
      Very friendly, sweet and excellent buyer, wouldn't mind doing business with her again :)
    8. I bought a black wig from bibi, and the whole transaction was very nice: nice wig, pleasant communication, prompt shipping. Thank you
    9. Just sold Galena CW Wings to Bibi and she's absolutely sweet. ^^ Paid fast, communicate politely, and always keeps in touch, up until the wings arrived safely. ^^ I'm so happy with the transaction. Thank you so much! ^^
    10. Very polite and fast paying customer :) Thankyou for the great transaction.