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Feedback for Biff

Sep 30, 2007

    1. I decided it was a good time to start a feedback thread for myself.

      Please post if you've done a transcation with me.

      Thank You~!

    2. Biff purchased a DoC Twingkey from me- great communication, fast payment, overall a perfect transaction! Highly recommend! Hope you have lots of fun with her! :)
    3. I sold biff some pj she paid fast and let me know when they got there wonderful to deal with would sale to again.
    4. I shipped Biff a couple of skirts for her girl. She is very polite in her PM's and a wonderful person to hold a transaction with.
    5. Biff purchased a lot of MSD sized clothing from me recently. Paid quickly and let me know of their safe arrival. Recommended! ^_^

    6. Sold a commisioned dress to Biff. She responded to my PM's fast, paid almost immediately and was also very patient for it to arrive XD When she finaly got it she let me know. Great transaction!
    7. Sold a coat to Biff, she was very nice and understanding and quick with payment :)
    8. Bought a pair of hands from Biff, and they arrived as described! She shipped the same day she received my payment, and kept in contact with me along the way. Great seller, and would buy from again. :)
    9. Yay! I bought a bunch of clothes for a very nice price. I highly recomend this person, cause it's very nice talking to her. She has great comunication skill! <333
    10. Biff bought a lot of stuff from me and was very nice to deal with :)
    11. I bought a MSD outfit from Biff. She was very professional, prompt with replies, and a joy to work with!
    12. I bought an Adorable MSD Blue dress from her! ^^ She was very kind and shipping was fast! A pleasure to do business with! ^^
    13. Traded for a wig from Biff, Excellent to deal with ^)^
    14. I sold a DoC wig to Biff ^_^ She's been very patient and wonderful to deal with!

      Back in October of last year she contacted me about it for her Twingkey. I had some offline stuff to deal with, and then misplaced all my PMs and lost her username, but Biff found me again and saw the wig for sale and rebought it, being very understanding ^_^

      Payed promptly with great communication!

      Thank you, Biff!
    15. Biff bought some clothes from me- fast payment, great communication, great transaction! :)
    16. Biff bought a wig from me. Wonderful communication and let me know when it arrived. Great to deal with!
    17. we traded shoes! good communication and smooth transaction all around! *blows kisses*
    18. Biff sold me the most beautiful lolita dress I have ever seen~It was exactly what I was looking for and she gave it to me for a great price. The dress fits my doll like it was made just for her.

      Biff was also extremely kind and answered all my questions with a wonderful attitude. I would certainly buy from her again! x]
    19. traded my dolls boots for her dolls lolita shoes the transaction went quick and communication was smooth. thanks!
    20. Made a purchase from Biff. Great communication! Great product and fast shipment. Highly recommend Biff! :)