Feedback for BillyIsASilly

Dec 19, 2016

    1. Post any feedback for me here:
    2. BillyIsASilly purchased my Dollshecraft 28M David Kuncci. She's a nice person and everything in the transaction went perfectly smooth. I totally recommend her, and doubtlessly would sell/buy from her again ^_^

      Thank you so much, Shelby! :)
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    3. BIllyIsASilly purchased a Fairyland minifee Rendia from me. Communication was very friendly and payment was prompt. This buyer is a pleasure to interact with and I would absolutely recommend her!
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    4. BillyIsASilly purchased a Venitu from me. We did a long layaway and she was super good about communication and payments throughout the whole thing. She let me know as soon as she received him. Everything was great and I'd definitely recommend her. :D
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    5. I traded my zaoll girl for billyisasilly Iplehouse body. Trade went great I would 100% trade with again!
      I'm more then happy with our trade. Very quick and polite!
      Great experience.
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    6. BillyIsASilly purchased a pair of eyes from me and everything went perfectly!
      I highly recommend her!~
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