Feedback for Biofreak659

Apr 30, 2019

    1. Please leave feedback for me here, thank you!
    2. Great buyer. Quick payment, great communication. Thank you!
    3. Positive feedback again! Biofreak purchased a Withdoll Kyle head from me and the transaction was great. Thank you!
    4. Biofreak659 bought a modded Dollshe Grant Phillipe from me and the transaction was wonderful! Fast payment and friendly communication - definitely recommend as a buyer!
    5. @Biofreak659 bought a set of Iplehouse FIDw arms in peach resin and a pair of
      RaccoonDoll female alternate hands in sweet mocha resin. She was always
      prompt and friendly in her communications. She sent the paypal speedily.
      **AND** she let me know when the (slow) Priority mail box arrived safely!
      Thank you for a wonderful transaction!!! :)
    6. I would like to thank Biofreak659 for purchasing the Dollshe Amanda Fashion head and chest part from me. Fast agreement and payment, pleasant communication and timely notification of the receipt of the parcel!
      My most positive recommendations!
      Thanks again:)
    7. BioFreak purchased my Dollshe Saint Fashion head, and was the perfect buyer throughout, even letting me know when he arrived. High, high recommendations.
    8. BioFreak purchased a Granado Terra body and was wonderful to work with! Their responses were quick and friendly and they let me know right away when the body arrived. I would happily work with BioFreak again in the future and recommend them as a buyer :)

      Thank you!
    9. Biofreak659 purchased a Dollshe Fashion Mystic body from me. I'm more than happy with the whole transaction and will be glad to deal again! Thank you very much! ^^
    10. Biofreak659 bought my SartoriaJ Mini Jude head from me.
      Transaction was smooth and easy, and they let me know when the package arrived :)
      Thank you!