Feedback for Birchwood

Jan 20, 2016

    1. Hi Y'all!

      If I have purchased something from you/sold something to you, here is a space to write about it! :)

      :aheartbea Birchwood
    2. A+++++++++++++ transaction!

      Birchwood purchased tiny April Story Emilia doll from me. She paid in the wink of an eye and let me know at once when the doll arrived. I highly recommend Birchwood as a riliable business partner and a great person to deal with and will never hesitate to do business with her again! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
    3. Bought a wig from me and everything went great! Paid quickly, very friendly in communications, a great buyer :)
    4. Birchwood bought a minifee head from me. Payment was super fast and communication was lovely and efficient :D
    5. Birchwood purchased an Iplehouse EID dress from me. Payment was quick, communication was fun and she let me know as soon as the dress arrived. Great transaction, would be happy to do it again sometime!:thumbup
    6. Birchwood purchased an Iplehouse SID dress from me. Happy (and perfect) transaction once again! Can I sell you something else? Regards from the happy enabler.;)
    7. I sold a Nine9style Bunny Nine female body to Birchwood and the transaction went great! Good communication throughout, paid quickly and I was notified when the package was received. Wonderful to sell and interact with, thank you!! :)
    8. Great transaction with Birchwood who purchased a LTF face plate from me. Communication was good and payment was very fast. An excellent buyer. Thank you!
    9. I just enjoyed the best 2nd hand buying experience I have ever had, and it was with Birchwood! I purchased her April Story, Fairy Amelie as a birthday gift to myself (that becomes important later). Communication was top notch, a price was quickly agreed upon, and the transaction began. I had a step by step of the whole process. I got photos of the packed box as soon as it was sealed and later a video of the box going into the mail chute along with the tracking number. It was like the best reality TV show ever. When the doll showed up at my home, carefully wrapped and perfect, I found a little something else. There was some candy, an ice cream lip balm, and a birthday card for me. With a cat on it! I am overwhelmed by how amazing this whole process has been. I will love this doll even more that I already would because of the positive experience I associate her with. Oh, and she also came with two wigs I wasn't expecting.
      Thank you, Birchwood. You are the best.
    10. Thank you for adopting FL Pukifee Luna! It was a pleasant selling experience throughout, and I look forward to another transaction with you anytime! :-)
    11. @birchwood purchased a Twigling elbe from me. She was very easy and pleasant to communicate with and was precise and to the point. Payment was swift and she let me know when she received the parcel. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to do business! <4
    12. I bought a doll lot from birchwood. The dolls were very reasonably priced, she shipped insanely fast, and the dolls arrived well packed, quickly, and with lovely gifts. I'm very happy. Thank you! :)
    13. I purchased a Legrand Dolls Briana from Birchwood, and it was one of my most pleasant buying experiences ever! She shipped insanely fast, packaged the doll perfectly, and was a wonderful communicator. I would definitely buy from her again.