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~Feedback for Bishonen Judge

Sep 18, 2010

    1. I made this feedback thread for Bishonen Judge.
      If you have any transaction with her, please leave your comment at here ;););)
    2. ~ Bishonen Jugde bought my Golden Fox's Spring Kimono Set.
      She patiently waited until the kimono done repaired. Her replay and payment is really fast.
      Very recommended buyer :)
    3. Bishonen Judge purchased a doll body from me. The transaction was perfect. Great communications, super quick pay. I highly recommend this buyer!
    4. Bishonen Judge purchased a 70cm ResinSoul Long body from me. Great communication and quick payment (did a local pickup). Would certainly recommend!
    5. Excellenct and prompt communication. Purchased some parts from me and paid with lightning speed! I'm also working on a face-up for this customer and it has been a dream so far!
    6. I sold a Telephone both to Bishonen Judge. :lol: (MSD sized hehehe ..) Great transaction! Very friendly, fast with all pms and payment was sent very quickly. I would highly recommend to anyone here and would be happy to sell to again. Thanks for a perfect transaction! Looking forward to seeing the Tardis! :thumbup
    7. Bought a Souldoll Aister head from me. Paid fast. Good communication. Would deal with again.

    8. Bishonen Jugde bought Lavi cosplay from me, paid very fast, great communication. She was very nice. A pleasure to work with :)
    9. I sold my LeekeWorld Romeo to her and she was great! Fast payment, answered all questions quickly and accurately.
      I would sell to her again!
    10. I sold her some cowboy boots for her Waltz after seeing a comment she was wanting a pair. She paid quickly, and let me know when they arrived. Thanks again!
    11. Bishounen Judge purchased my male Iplehouse body, was a delight to communicate with, paid lightning fast, and let me know when he arrived! An A+++ transaction! Thank you!
    12. Bishonen Judge recently gave my Souldoll Orient Edition Gunun a new home. The eBay transaction was perfect, and she was very friendly with good communication. I would happily do business with this buyer again! :)
    13. I bought some gorgeous HZ military outfits from Bishonen Judged. What a great experience! Communication was quick and always informative, packaging for the outfits was top-notch and shipping was fast. Plus, she included some bonus boots with them. I would deal with her again and would recommend her to anyone! Thanks!
    14. Awesome to do business with . Would buy from again. Highly recomment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    15. Bishonen Judge bought a Dollmore Kimono outfit from me and it was a perfect transaction. =^i^= I'd be more than happy to do business with her again anytime! :D
    16. Bishonen Judge bought a DollHeart outfit from me and the transaction was very easy. She's quick to send payment and let me know as soon as the parcel had arrived safely. Thank you very much! :)
    17. Hi

      Bishounen Judge bought an Angelheim Zion from me through layaway. At first, she was just interested in the head. As soon as she saw him in person, she was smitten. I couldn't blame her. lol He's such a great doll but he wasn't getting the love he needed from me. I'm happy to have met Bishounen Judge. She's such a lovely person and great to work with. She paid very promptly and quickly with each of her layaway payments. She was understanding due to my small lack of communication through our transaction because a ton of crud was happening in my personal life. Thank you for understanding.

      I'm glad the Angelheim Zion has made his way to a fabulous home. I'll be sure to see him around. ;)


      - Lum Out -
    18. I bought 2 wigs from Bishonen Judge and everything went great! She shipped off the next day after payment, great communcation, and was very easy to work with. I would do buisness with her anytime! :) thanks, hun!
    19. I sold two heads to Bishonen Judge, and she's the best buyer one can hope for! Smooth communication, quick payment, knows what she wants. Great transaction, thanks! ^_^
    20. I just sold a pair of boots to Bishonen Judge and she was very nice. The transaction was completed in a few minutes ! Thank you very much ! :)