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Feedback for Bittenbefore ^^

Feb 19, 2006

    1. Yesterday I got a big, wonderful package from the fabulous Bittenbefore, full of fabulous clothing!! My kids are so excited!! She was really a pleasure to buy from; she was prompt in replying, and she was very fast in getting everything sent out. Thank you so much!!!
    2. i second this! yay for Judy! my boys all wear bittenbefore duds! i wish she made human clothes ;)
    3. Yes I agree she is great and her stuff is wonderful.
    4. So do I! She showed me what high quality fur wigs are supposed to look like.^^ Thank you!
    5. Yup, cute fur wigs and very nice to deal with. :)
    6. I agree, she makes such wonderful clothes, and is a very nice person to deal with.
    7. Im seriously tempted by those hoodies...such great items, and good prices too! Hope to shop from her when she's back from holiday!
    8. Well, I jut got some wonderful clothing from her today! I really love her work. The clothing I got fit both my AR Ren boy and HD Louis perfectly. *happiness*
    9. i didnt realise this thread was around , i'm so embarrassed for not knowing =_=;;

      thank you guys for liking my things ^^ I'm VERY VERY grateful for your support!!
    10. I bought a Boy Cut fur wig from BittenBefore and I love it, soft fibers, easy to style, and fits perfectly :aheartbea :D
    11. Judy at www.bittenbefore.com does wonderful work. I'll post some photos at some point. I got a cool white fur pigtail wig--awesome on my Narae and some clothes for tinies and others.
    12. I'll be posting photos as soon as my Piccolo is home. :) I love how the mini hoodie looks! She is ueber talented and I can't wait for my skull jacket to arrive. *_*
    13. The sweatshirt I ordered looks great! My camera isn't being very friendly right now, but I'll post a pic as soon as I can. I'd definately recommend Bittenbefore to anyone who's looking for some awesome clothes.
    14. I bought a bunch of stuff for Ayumi! Heres a pic of her in the Devil Hoodie and heart skirt I got for her! (its in link form)

      BittenBeofore was so nice to work with and everythign was so awesomely made!!!
    15. Just adding my two sents. I have a fabulous 2 piece outfit for my SD girl - and I love it.
      Recommend this gal!
    16. i also love judy's stuff too :) i have two shirts, a wig, and a pair of pants from her. i can't wait for her shop to re-open so i can buy some more :D
    17. I bought a custom hoodie and LOVE IT!!!! Cyrus is also very pleased!!! High quality and fast delivery!!!!
    18. ArcaneMistress> Awesome! i'm glad to hear it fits well!!
      pelicandeb> Thank you! You were really understanding when i had some delays. Thank you so much!
      s2kitty> ooh Picolo! cant wait to see it on him! [and your SDC]
      sunflower> thank you so much! i look forward to your photos!
      star_angel> Lovely photo! i like how you matched the skirt and the hoodie together. Thanks!
      Am> Thank you!Esp for that photo of your girl you sent too! Very helpful!
      MysteryAya> I hope you like the custom pants for Morgan!
      Crou> I remember your hoodie! i had a good time sewing it too! Thanks!!

      you guys are the besT!
      *group hugs*
      Thank you so much everyone!!
    19. Hey!!! I just wanted to add my 2 cents!! I just had a transaction where Bittenbefore and I split an Emma.... She got it ordered lightning fast, and shipped it to me immediately upon arrival! Great transaction! Amazingly fast and smooth! Buy with confidence from her!!!

      Thanks Judy! From the other Judy~
    20. I'd like to bring up this thread again to say I had a lovely experience with her too. Great communication and I love the wig so much! Thanks Judy! ^-^