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Feedback for BJDLovem

Mar 29, 2009

    1. [SIZE="-10"]I didn't see a feedback thread for BJDLovem, so I figured that I'd get one started up for her!

      If you've done business with BJDLovem, here's where you can leave your feedback!​


      BJDLovem participated in my late December Luts group order for full dolls and splits and despite the loooooooooong wait, she remained patient and understanding. She's very friendly and this transaction was a very smooth one. Invoices were paid promptly and communication was very well kept. :) I should also say that she participated in a small items Luts group order sometime before that and she was a doll to deal with then as well!!

      :clover Thank you!! <3 I appreciate your continued participation in my group orders!! :clover
    2. BJDLovem participated in a group order I ran for Luts items. She paid promptly and let me know when she received her items. She is a great person to work with.:thumbup
      Thank you for joining the GO^^
    3. BJDLovem participated in my Soom GO, and was a pleasure to work with! She was nice, and prompt with all communications and payments.

      Thanks again!
    4. BJDLovem bought on what turned out to be a short layaway my DSAM 32 Dollshe Saint in Pale Tan. She paid quickly and was a delight to deal with. I hope she is happy with him and if not I have offered to buy him back for what she paid plus for shipping.
    5. BJDLovem has participated in quite a few of my group orders, which I could've sworn that I've left feedback for. :o She has participated in my ninth Dollmore, my late October Nine9Style, my second Soom and my second Canvas Shoes order. I am confident that we will have many more dealings in the future and that all of them will be as perfect as all of our transactions have been so far.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    6. just did a wonderful trade with BJDLovem.
      communication was great, dolls shipped super promptly(feels like i blinked and the doll was here),and beautifully packed.
      BJDLovem is a wonderful asset to DOA's community, i highly reccomend her;would trade or do business with her any time.
      thank you, BJDlovem!

    7. I just sold a Monique Gold 'Faith' Golden 7-8 wig to BJDlovem. She paid super fast, was professional AND friendly, let me know when she received the wig and was just a wonderful person to deal with! She's a true asset to DoA and I highly recommend her to anyone!

      God bless! Thanks again!!

    8. BJDLovem recently took part in my 14th Leekeworld group order and it was a pleasure to work with her again. :D Payments, as always, were swift and communication, as expected, was just flawless from her end. Always great to deal with it, this was yet another perfect transaction.

      &#9829;[ Thank you for your participation in another one of my group orders!! ]&#9829;​
    9. Just had a wonderful transaction with this great member! I highly recommend her; she's very honest and has excellent communication skills! I would not hesitate to buy from her again.

      Thank you greatly, Linda! God bless you.
    10. I've bought Unidoll Berkut from BJDLovem, and it was one of the nicest deals ever! She was very friendly and responsible. The shipping was fast, and the boy arrived well packed. Besides, BJDLovem was very kind and patient - I had some troubles with Paypal and was unable to send payment at an appointed day, and she waited for payment till I finally managed to make it.
      Thank you very much! :chocoberry
    11. BJDLovem bought a Spirit Doll Stayne from me and it was an A+ transaction! Good communication, swift payment - I can certainly recommend her and I would deal with her again.:)
    12. I adopted an Iplehouse Asa from BJDLovem and the transaction could not have been better! She arrived in perfect condition in her original box and was packaged very securely. Communication was spot on! No worries at all! BJDLovem exemplifies what the BJD community is all about!
    13. Bjdlovem adopted IMPLE doll Antonia ....everything went very smooth...one of the kindest i have spoken with on DOA....fast at everything and always easy to contact....thanks so much BJDLovem.....
    14. I bought a Soom Gem body from BJDLovem and it was a pleasure--she kept in touch, packed very carefully and labelled left and right for me ;) and shipped very promptly and left feedback. A perfect transaction and I would be happy to do business again! many thanks!
    15. BJDLovem did faces up on my DT Daisy as well as her daughter, a Iplehouse BID Elin. She gave them the right look so they can be mom & daughter and have the right amount of cute freckles.
      Recently she did my IP Cherie & Aurora with the look I asked for for each. Aurora she made sexy & sultry. Cherie she gave her that girl next door look I felt she showed in sculpt. Both turned out great.
      Linda does a great job on the faces, she packs them well for trip home and she always loves to see them finished on their bodies with wigs and such in place.
    16. Oh and she did my Shigure, a DT Hue body with an awesome tattoo and blushing. She even did his spare hand set so in case he ever breaks a finger he still has 2 good hands. Great person to deal with as always.
    17. Positive Feedback for BJDLovem

      I highly recommend doing business with this person! I purchased a MiniMee head from her via the MarketPlace. She communicated quickly and shipped the package the next business day when she provided me with the tracking number. The package arrived promptly, with the contents very well packed in bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Excellent transaction!

      Thanks so much!
    18. BJDLovem did 4 face ups on my Saint boys. She did them as I asked, sent preview pics before sealing and packed them safely & shipped them back home fast. Great to deal with start to finish.

    19. Did a doll trade with BJDLovem, and is was wonderful. Great and friendly communication:)
    20. just did a wonderful trade with BJDLovem. I have done tranactions with her before and always a pleasure.Great cmmunication ...was super fast...thanks so much for being so wonderful :)