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Feedback for Bjdsan

Feb 25, 2011

    1. Feedback for Bjdsan
      This is place where you can leave feedback for me.
      Please specify what kind of a transaction it was - buying or selling.
      Thank You !

      And I'll leave feedback for you as well.
    2. I just purchased a RosenLied Beige from Bjdsan - and the transaction was perfect: great communication, doll exactly as described, well-packed, fast shipping. I couldn't ask for more, and would recommend Bjdsan as a seller any time. I hope to do business with her again in the future. Thanks!
    3. Bjdsan purchased a Sist/Lusis hybrid from me: great communication, fast payment... a perfect transaction!
      Thank you so much!:aheartbea
    4. I had a great transaction with Bjdsan
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      paid quick and always replied me kindly
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. Bjdsan bought a pair of eyes and a wig from me, payment was very fast- great buyer! Thank you again!! :D
    6. ::Negative Feedback for Bjdsan::
      Seller of SOOM Dolomi Horns and Tail
      Original Sales Thread

      - One horn magnet was broken in half
      - Tail magnet had a chip out of it
      - Horns arrived in perfect condition
      - Tail had a scuff mark, assumingly from the magnets, which came off with soap and water

      - Sparse and sometimes a little unclear (I assume Bjdsan's primary language is French, not English. Whereas I only speak English.)

      - Took 23 days to ship (states 1-3 days on sales thread)
      - Said would mail the items 4 times before they were mailed
      - Claimed it was mailed on 6/9/11 but was post marked for 6/18/11

      Problem Feedback Thread w/Photos: Here
    7. I ordered Yrie Wings & Fantasy feet from Bjdsan, they arrived in good condition. The box had been broken by the postal workers, but because all the items were wrapped in bubble wrap nothing was broken or missing thankfully!

      Thanks so much! :D I love the parts, they are great!!!! ♥
    8. Bjdsan just purchased a Switch Huisa head from me. Great communication and instant payment.
      I would love to work with her again!!
      Thank you so much!!
    9. I purchased a Soom Glati from Bjdsan. She responded quickly and let me know right away when she shipped him. Well packed, came with all his papers, and all his parts in good condition. I would gladly buy from her again. Thanks so much. ^^
    10. bjdsan purchased a head from me and paid promptly, communicated clearly, and made the transaction
      as smooth any other.

      Terrific experience, and would sell to Bjdsan anytime!
    11. Perfect seller with great communication! bought head Lorina Volks from Bjdsan, and he agreed to generous lay-away terms for me. The head arrived today, safely packaged, exactly as described, and even more gorgeous in person with some fun freebies included.:)
      I couldn't be happier ^^ .Thank you
      Original sales thread in question: HERE
      (Unfortunately BJDsan has removed the images from the thread)

      During this transaction, BJDsan managed the following:
      • Attempted out of the blue after the sale and price had been settled to get me to pay either "Personal Payment" or add in the Paypal fees to the sale despite there being no mention of this anywhere on the sales thread and both of these actions breaching not only my Paypal terms and conditions but also international trading laws for importing into the UK.
      • Repeatedly lied about the package being shipped when it was not.
      • Lied about the tracking number "being at home" while she was at work when in fact the package was not shipped yet.
      • Repeatedly promised to include extras that she did not include.

      Despite this, the head did arrive well packed and in the condition stated, although it was very dirty and required some scrubbing. For all of these reasons, I am leaving a NEUTRAL feedback since I did actually get what I purchased in the end and am happy with it, but certainly would not purchase from her again since I don't appreciate being lied to when I would happily have waited if she had just taken the time to ask.

      I have all the communication from this transaction should anyone wish to see it.
    13. Bjdsan bought a Volks head from me, communication was great and payment was made swiftly. Transaction overall was very smooth and pleasant. Thank you so much! ^^
    14. - Neutral Feedback for Bjdsan -
      Item bought: Zaoll body in White Skin - shipped unstrung​

      The good points:

      • Very kind and fast with communication in PMs;

      • Fast shipping;

      The bad points:

      • Poor packing. Lack of bubble warp and a lot of parts left unprotected and loose inside the box;

      • Missing information on the thread. Remains of body blushing and sueding, small damage on the left hand;

      • Dirty doll parts.

      Neutral seller, but I'm definitely willing to do business with her again, despite the issues. (:

      Thank you!
    15. My feedback for Bjdsan is positive.
      I bought a Souldoll Chiru head from Bjdsan.
      There was great communication and he was beautifully packaged.
      Although she was unable to send the package on the original send date she let me know what was going on and let me know when he was successfully sent.
      She was also kind enough to send me two pairs of 14mm gray eyes for free.
      I would do business with Bjdsan again.:aheartbea
    16. Bjdsan bought Oasisdoll Linglan from me, everything's perfectGreat buyer, Thank you:)
    17. I purchased an Okita Soji head from Bjdsan. Communication was alright, just a little slow at times. What upset me about this transaction was that even though the sales thread stated that the item would be shipped 3-5 business days after payment was completed, Bjdsan informed me that she would only be able to ship 2 weeks later.

      However, after 2 weeks had come and gone, I received no contact at all from Bjdsan. She was slow to reply to my PM inquiring about the status of the head. When she finally did reply, I was rather unhappy to find out that she had not shipped the head yet, and not bothered to inform me of this fact as well. In addition, she asked me to send her my shipping information again, which gave me the impression that she probably had no intention of shipping on time and probably would not have contacted me had I not PM'ed her first.

      The head arrived with a mess of hot glue at the neck hole area, a fact which was undisclosed in the sales thread.

      Overall, although I did receive the head I purchased, I found it ridiculous that I had to wait 3 weeks to get a head that I had paid EMS shipping for, and that I had to deal with the mess of hot glue left on the neck hole area. Bjdsan said it was left by the previous owner, but I would have appreciated it if this detail had been disclosed in the sales thread.
    18. Neutral: As the transaction never transpired, after offering to remove the faceup, which I did. All was well, I agreed to a personal payment transaction, figured out all shipping methods. Payment was agreed upon. Bjdsan asked to put off payment for a few days. Fine. Head was wrapped, awaiting Bjdsan's address (should have been a clue), sealed and she all of a sudden had an emergency, had to sell a few dolls and could not purchase my doll head. After reading the 'neutral' feedbacks above, I prefer not to have further business connections with Bjdsan. Am sorry for her emergency and sorry to lose a sale after removing a perfectly lovely faceup.
    19. I purchased a Merry Round Fang sculpt head from Bjdsan. she arrrived today well packaged and in excellent condition. plus she was shipped the next day after I made payment and sent me tracking as well w Quick responses to email Overall this was a most excellent transaaction with this lovely seller
    20. Positive
      I bought Narae doll on MNF body from Bjdsan. And she arrived quickly and in good condition. Thanx for easy transaction.