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Feedback for bjmommy

May 15, 2007

    1. Since there is no feedback thread for bjmommy, I'll start one for her.

      I had the pleasure of dealing with bjmommy for purchasing a doll. The doll arrived in excellent condition and she was very well cared for with no staining and faceup perfectly intact despite being made in August of 2004. She also answered all of my many questions and concerns and I am very satisfied with this transaction. Thank you bjmommy! :aheartbea
    2. thank you for making one for me Harolink
      I had the pleasure of dealing with you too ^^
    3. Sold a Sweet Dream Mimi head to bjmommy she was a pleasure to deal with. Very promt with payment.
    4. Bought a suit through her - very easy to work with, and everything arrived safe and sound. :)
    5. She sold me a shirt that was just as described - and sent it quickly too! Alex
    6. bjmommy purchased a doll from me. Payment was super quick, commmunication was excellent. Overall fantastic transaction. Thank you. :)
    7. I bought an outfit from BJMommy that arrived well-packed as well as super fast! She was great with communication too! She gets five stars from me! :)

      Hugs, Juli DC :)
    8. Bought a SWD Anne from bjmommy. She was well packaged, shipped fast and had an extra that came in very handy! I couldn't recommend more! :)
    9. I bought a YOSD Dollheart Bunny dress set from her. Very smooth transaction. Nicely shipped. thanks
    10. Bought a Ajumapama Shorts and Tee set and arrived safely and quickly. thank you ^0^!
    11. bjmommy is very understanding and extremely informative of my purchase! She is very nice and was determined to make sure I was ok with any decision she was about to make. The package arrived quickly and safely. Thank you so much for your time and I'll be sure to take care of this little guy :)
    12. I bought I coat from bjmommy, a very nice transaction,
      and I recieved the coat a couple days after! Thank you!
    13. I bought an outfit from her, and the transaction was great! She replies fast, ships fast, and is extremely easy and friendly to work with. Thank you again. :)
    14. I bought a SD13 boy outfit from her. Transaction was totally smooth and definitely recommended. Thank you!
    15. I bought a wig from bjmommy and everything was great! Thanks a bunch! :daisy
    16. I purchased an SD wig from bjmommy, and everything went as great as could be. A very nice and awesome seller!
    17. I purchased shoes from bjmommy and they are in perfect condition and well packaged. :) Thank you!
    18. I bought an outfit from bjmommy; it shipped fast, communication was great and its just as described/pictured. Thank you so much!
    19. I bought a bunny suit for my yo-sd.
      Great communication and fast shipping! :D
      thank you!
    20. I bought a ajumapama outfit from bjdmommy and have a lovely transaction, she was a pleasure to do business with. I totally recommend her! Thank you! :)