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feedback for Blablette

Mar 8, 2011

    1. Hello!

      This is my feedback. :)

    2. Blablette is a wonderful person who bought a Soom Glot from me! i just can say it was a pleasure to make this perfect transation, she is very very nice and paid incredible fast!!! THANK YOU!! I would make for sure business again^^
    3. Blablette bought a CH/Ai Gaby from me.

      What a perfect transaction! Communication was sweet and friendly, payment extra fast!
      Blablette is a lovely person to deal with all in all, and a highly recommended buyer! Thank you so much! ~*
    4. Blablette bought a Fantasy girl body from me. She's friendly, awesome and the whole transaction was a very pleasant one :D she kept contact and all and politely inform me of the body's arrival. A fantastic buyer!
      Thank you soo much!
    5. I just had a flawless transaction with Blablette. Communication was swift and friendly and payment was very quick.
      Highly recommended buyer! Thank you so much for a great transaction!
    6. She bought a Sist faceplate from me and it was a perfect transaction!
      She paid quickly and the communication was excellent!
      I highly recommended her!
      Thanks so much!
    7. Blablette bought a faceplate for her beautiful girl from me.
      The transaction was just as smooth and fast as the previous time
      and I'm really grateful for that. Blablette is a wonderful person to deal with. :)

      Thank you very much! :)
    8. Blablette purchased a wig from me and the transaction was great.
      Fast communication, flawless payment, and all around good buyer.
      I would gladly do business with Blablette again.

      Thank You
    9. Blablette purchased a wig from me recently and the transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly. Good communication, fast payment, what more could you ask? I highly recommend her and would happily do business with her anytime! Thanks! :)
    10. Blablette used my shopping service for AL items.
      All was perfect.
      Thanks so much for using my service.
    11. Blablette is SO wonderful! She adopted my dear Unoa Lusis, a lovely DoA member, I would not hesitat to sell, or buy from in the future! Thanks! :)
    12. Blablette participated in my Harry Potter swap and was an excellent participant. She shipped her items out quite quickly, and was incredibly friendly the entire time. I would recommend her for other swaps, and would gladly have her in future ones. Thanks!
    13. Blablette bought some SD footwear from me - perfect transaction! Lovely buyer, thank you very much!
    14. Blablette purchased some eyes from me. It was a nice, easy transaction. Great buyer.
    15. Blablette adopted Another Secret Narcissus head from me.
      Very smooth transaction. Great communication and Fast payment.
    16. Blablette bought a Volks SD10 body from me. This was my second perfect transaction with her and i could not be happier!!!. She is a very sweet person to talk to and do business with. She paid promptly and was very communicative, respectful and kind. She let me know immediately when the body arrived!. I am so happy for having worked with her again, it was an absolute pleasure!!! I highly recommend her! I'd definitely do business again. Thank you my dear!! <3<3<3
    17. I sold lilin faceplates to Blablette and it was an incredibly wonderful transaction. She kept me in the loop every step of the way, and was always so kind and complimentary!
      I would not hesitate to do more business with her at any time!! Thank you so much! :D
    18. I bought Unoa small bust piece from Blablette, and it was amazing deal! Very quick friendly communication, fast shipping, this little torso arrives to me in big box, packaged with a lot of care and with loads of bubble wraps^^
      Thank you so much Blablette!&#9829;
    19. Blablette bought an outfit from me, very nice person good communication fast payment, and she letting me know when the package arrived, would love to deal with again, thx^^
    20. I bought head Dollmore KID Sona from Blablette. Everything went great! Thank you very much!:)