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Feedback for Blacklight

Sep 17, 2008

    1. Please post feedback here if you've ever done business with me!
    2. I sold Amanda a DZ Aleister on layaway. She was consistent with her payments and paid him off by the agreed upon date. All during the time, we had friendly, informative e-mails, and she's a real sweetheart! I highly recommend her. :)
    3. Blacklight bought some clothing from me. She was very patient with me and my delays. Very kind. ^^ Would love to do business with again.
    4. I participated in a group order that Blacklight ran for Prince Nuada. The group order was starting when I was still new to the forum and I really felt so welcomed by Blacklight and others participating in the GO so it has been a great process for me!
      Blacklight kept me up to date on all details of the GO, posted photos and information from Denny about our minimee order as soon as she received it, was kind and thoughtful, and shipped Nuada out packed very safely and snugly!
      Thank you so much! :)
    5. Blacklight ran the GO for Prince Nuada Minimee. She did a great job organising it and I thought she kept everyone well informed. She was friendly and polite in correspondence. I received my head in good order and quite quickly. I would recommend her as a GO organiser and seller.
    6. Blacklight bought a DZ Aleister Set from me. She paid ahead of schedule and was a dream to sell to. I would love to have Blacklight as a repeat buyer. Thank you Blacklight for your fast payment! ^__^
    7. I sold a head to Blacklight and she payed when she said she would
      was quick to respond to pms and very nice to talk to :)
      I would definitely recommend her! :D
    8. ^^ I bought some clothes from Blacklight, and it was one of the best transactions I've had. She kept up quick pm replies and responses to question. ^^ :aheartbea I will definitely buy from her again if I can. ^_^
    9. I traded my BBB Sprite for Blacklight's DZ Aleister with a little money. I got my boy iN
    10. continued...sorry baby hit the keyboard...as I was saying.

      I got my boy in great shipping condition. He's great, much better than I ever expected. The whole trade went like a dream! Thanks so much!

      DMM :kitty2
    11. Bought a WS Dollzone boy body from Blacklight. There were a few snags but she handled it well and even gave me a partial refund. Great with communication, managed to answer me quickly despite not having constant net access. A+ plus seller who deals well with buyers ^__^
    12. I bought a BBB Ariel from Blacklight and it was a pleasant transaction with good communication. The doll was packaged very well and arrived safely. Thank you!
    13. I did a partial trade with Blacklight: my BBB Ariel boy + cash for her ImplDoll Aimee. She was fantastic to work with and the Aimee arrived as described in her thread and very well packaged for safe travel. It was a smooth transaction during the middle of the holiday. I couldn't be happier!
    14. I bought a BBB Ariel Boy from Blacklight for my friend. There was a bit of a problem with the post office, over charging then opening the box and moving the contents, but neither was Blacklight's fault.

      He wasn't wrapped super great, but came undamaged. He was a bit dirtier than expected, but all was easily cleaned with a magic eraser, so no biggie.

      I received him really fast and gave him to my friend when she came to visit yesterday. She was very surprised and excited, and she really likes him. So if she isn't seeing any problems with him and really likes him, then that's all that matters.

      The purchase went very fast, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Blacklight again. :)
    15. Blacklight purchased a DC luna from me, and everything went wonderfully, thank you so much!