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Feedback for BlackRose~*

Aug 6, 2008

    1. Please leave a feedback here! <3
    2. I purchased her CP Delf Head YDER Sleeping Modded and he arrived safely! The packaging got mangled... but that wasn't her fault just the USPS, and the head was fine! She was very sweet and she mailed off the head as soon as she could after I paid! :)
    3. I bought a Black Romance Zaoll from her. All went well and the doll arrived safely. Thanks so much!!
    4. BlackRose participated in my Minimee order and even though there were a lot of delays that were out of my control, she was very patient and nice. I really appreciate it!

      Thank you so much for hanging in there! I hope you enjoy your Ryutarou!
    5. I just bought a Breakaway'08 Vampire Mod from BlackRose. All the transaction was perfect! She answers all questions, very politely and fast. The doll was very safe and arrived perfectly, verry fast too. Can't find enough good words to say. I would buy again from her anytime!

      Thanks, BlackRose~!! :D
    6. I bought a Breakaway 08 Bloody Valentine from BlackRose and everything went smoothly. Her answers to my questions were very friendly and the doll was in perfect condition. Very nice experience. :) :)
    7. BlackRose bought two shirts from me. Our transaction was very pleasant! She replies quickly to messages, she sent a rapid payment & she let me know when the shirts arrived.
      A+ buyer!
    8. I bought a Switch Rusi head from BlackRose~ She was really nice to work with, friendly and pleasant, and shipped him as soon as I'd paid. He arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

      Thank you so much ^__^ <3