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Feedback for blackwingsblackheart

Nov 29, 2007

    1. I didn't intend to do any trading on DoA, but there are too many talented people on this board! So, I may as well start one of these now. Thanks to everyone in advance for posting feedback here!
    2. I sold blackwingsblackheart a limited Dollmore outfit. She paid promptly and we had good communication during the sale. I would reccommend buying from her or selling to her.
    3. Fast payment and very pleasant correspondence. Great buyer! :)
    4. blackwingsblackheart commissioned a couple of Dragon Plushies from me, and she was nothing but sweet and excited. Paid promptly, and great communication. I could not be happier about the transaction. Thank you!!! :)
    5. I sold a pocketwatch to blackwings. Went wonderfully well! :D
      And prompt payment, too. Was a real pleasure to have business with!
    6. blackwingsblackheart participated in one of my splits and she was a wonderful buyer. She made a speedy payment and communication was great. Thanks! A+++
    7. Blackwingsblackheart purchased a Madame Alexander dress from me. She paid promptly and had good communication. Would be very happy to work with her again!
    8. She has purchased a few outfits for Pipos Baha boy! ;) Very friendly and fun to deal with!
    9. Great person to deal with and very understanding when a custom order was delayed *hugs* Thanks so much! :)
    10. Blackwingsblackheart commissioned a faceup, very pleasant to work with :) Thanks again!
    11. Blackwingsblackheart bought a wig from me, and it was a very simple and smooth transaction. Thanks so much, Blackwingsblackheart!