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Feedback for Blaire

Jan 5, 2010

    1. Yippee, I get to leave first feedback!

      Blaire bought my OE Bygg head from me, she was totally pleasant to deal with, paid promptly and was understanding when I had delays in shipping. Highly recommended, thanks so much!!
    2. I bought an SD from Blaire and everything went smoothly. The doll reached its destination undamaged even though the unstrung parts were not protected individually. I recommend bubble-wrapping in the future. ^^ Still I appreciate that the shipping fee and the carrier bag were inclusive in the doll's price. And I had a pleasant time dealing with Blaire.

      Thank you!
    3. I sold to Blaire -- was a prompt payer, very nice to deal with. Thanks so much!
    4. I sold a doll to Blaire on a two-part payment (he sent me part of the payment through PayPal, and the rest as concealed cash through the mail). Both payments were received promptly, and he was such a pleasure to do business with! He also let me know when the doll arrived, which I appreciated very much. ^_^ I would definitely do business with him again!
    5. I bought a MNF Shiwoo from Blaire and he arrived in gorgeous condition. The box was well wrapped with two layers and Shiwoo was carefully wrapped on the inside. The insurance and delivery confirmation I requested were included and the dc # pm'd as well. Thank you so very much!
    6. I purchased a DM Suntan Kid Pado from Blaire. The transaction was a very pleasant one without any hassles.

      Communication: Blaire was very prompt and answered all my PM's within 24 hours, whether they were questions about the doll or questions about the transaction. Blaire also notified me when the shipping was delayed for a day or two after the agreed time.

      Payment: Blaire kept to the payment methods listed in the sale thread and was prompt with sending me a price for added insurance. Blaire was also willing to wait the 3-5 business days it took for me to complete a PayPal balance transfer.

      Shipment: the doll was shipped in the original doll box and very well wrapped with pillows. The box itself was surrounded in bubble wrap. Everything arrived safely and intact.

      Extra: Blaire included (as free gifts) a pair of MSD pants and an extra wig in the sale, which was a wonderful surprise. Blaire also offered to alter the faceup on the doll for free to remove a bruise marking that had been added, which I accepted.

      All in all, Blaire was a fabulous seller, very professional, willing to alter the faceup of the doll on request and always communicating promptly. I recommend any transaction with this seller!!
    7. Blaire purchased a pair of pants from me. Great and fast communication! Pleasure to do business with! Great buyer!:love:
    8. Woohoo!

      I sold a pair of Keny hooves to Blaire, and she was totally cool about my shipping schedule being wonky, answered all of my questions, and was fast to pay, would totally deal with again any time! <3333
    9. Blaire bought a Soom MD Syen from me. The transaction went great, communication was wonderful and payment was very prompt. It was a pleasure doing buisness with her and I would recommend her to anyone. ^^
      Thank you! c:
    10. A great transaction with Blaire! I bought a set of Soom hands from her and they arrived quickly and safely packed. I can definitely recommend her!
    11. Blaire bought my Soom Alk on layaway. Blaire was awesome to deal with. She didn't even need the full two months! She paid very quickly and let me know right away when Alk arrived. I'd certainly do business with her again. :)
    12. Blaire bought a Volks Chika from me-- payment was very fast and communication was excellent :) Great buyer, thank you again!! :D
    13. I purchased a SOOM Chrom from Blaire, the communication was awesome and the patience on their part was amaaayyyzing! Awesome seller, I would buy from Blaire again!!
    14. Sold a head to Blaire. She was lovely to deal with and always quick to reply to my inquires. We had a short layaway and there was a little confusion on both of our parts but we were easily able to work things out with good communication.
      Highly recommended and good for layaway payments!
    15. Blaire sold her Soom Syen to me and was sooooooo lovely and had much patience with me, because my money came from another layaway and i needed to wait 2 1/2 weeks to pay the doll. Communications were great, fast and so nice! I love this girl x'D And the doll! There was a gift wig and this fits so perfect for my character... i couldn't do a better transactions than with Blaire *~*