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Feedback for Blaknite

Nov 4, 2007

    1. I have done a few transactions in the past on DOA.

      I purchased a doll head and joined in a few group orders
      If you have done any business with me please leave a comment on how you view dealing with me...

      I hope to maintain a high level of satisfaction for everything bought or sold by or through me.

      Current Feedback:

      Good 0
      Bad 0

      Good 0
      Bad 0

      Group Orders
      Good 2
      Bad 0

      Current transactions in progress 3 (2 Group orders, 1 Doll purchase)
    2. My feedback for others: (newest first)

      Ai Kazi-- Dollmore Group order
      Omichao-- Leekeworld Group order
    3. Positive Feedback for Blaknite!

      Blacknite joined a Dollmore group order that I ran, and it went 100% smoothly :) It was a real pleasure doing this GO with you! Thanks so much!
    4. Definitely possitive feedback for Blaknite ^_^

      She joined in a group order I was running and everything went very well. I'd love to be in another order with her :3
    5. Blanknite purchased 2 Dollshe carriers from me, payment was made promptly as promised and communication has been great and very friendly ^__^ AAAA+ buyer :D
    6. I participated in a Leeke GO that Blaknite ran. She was pleasant to deal with and everything went smoothly. Thanks for running the GO! :)
    7. Blaknite ran a great group order for Leeke. Very pleasant to deal with, communication went nicely, and items arrived fast and well packed. Definitely recommended!

      Thank you!
    8. I took part in a Leeke and Soom group order arranged by Blaknite
      Everything went well and arrived safe and sound
      Pleasure to deal with :)
    9. I participated in a Leeke GO ran by Blaknite. Everything went well, she shipped my package right away, and my items arrived well packaged and in perfect condition! ^^
      I would definitely do business with her again!
    10. I did a group order organized by Blaknite! Everything went smoothly and the communication was great! <3

      Thank you, dear!!!
    11. I was in a group order with Blaknite and everything went great! Awesome communication and she shipped out my stuff super fast!
    12. :) I was in Blacknite's Leeke GO, everything arrived quickly in good shape, nothing but good things to say:)
    13. I participed in a minimee group order ran by Blacknite.
      Everything went smoothly, thank you.
    14. Blacknite ran a group order of which I was part of. It was a very smooth transaction. Highly organised and a joy to deal with. Many thanks. :)
    15. Wonderful transactions! Blaknite took over the group order and with no problem I got my great MatsuJun Minimee head! thank you!!! :)
    16. Blaknite and I had a very nice trade, she's a talented seamstress as well as being great on communication. Thanks again~
    17. I bought a DIM Sleeping Cloud head from Blaknite and he arrived super fast, well packaged, and he even came with a beautiful drawing on the package (that made my day!) Thank you Blaknite I love this boy and can't thank you enough! :aheartbea
    18. I sold a dress to Blaknite, we negotiated a price very quickly and she was super fast to reply to my pm's. Blaknite is a wonderful seller and buyer I highly recommend her and I hope to do business with her again. :)
    19. I participated in Blaknite's Leeke GO. Everything went perfectly! Thanks so much :)
    20. I participated in a Leekeworld group order organized by Blaknite. My items were shipped quickly, and communication was great. Thanks so much!