Feedback for Blancasia

Jul 28, 2019

    1. Please give me feedbacks from all transaction I made here. Thanks everyone so much for your cooperate :D. Cheers :cheer~
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    2. Blancasia purchased a doll head and wig from me. She is a perfect buyer- super fast with replies and paid very quickly. She also let me know when the item got to her, and took some pics of my old doll for me. Thank you and enjoy! <3
    3. Positive feedback
      Blancasia Purchased a set of outfit from Meow BJD site ^^
      Blancasia waited patiently with us in the whole time and well communicated!

      When Blancasia received her package she emailed me immediately!
      Thank you! We are definitely looking forward to do business with you in the future.
    4. Blancasia purchased my DOD Elf Ducan from me. One of my best experiences on DOA. She had been watching him for a while but waited to contact me until she had saved up the money for him. She was very sweet and polite and asked lots of good questions. She also made me feel that he would be going to a great home that would cherish him as much as I had and that made me feel so much better about selling him. Quick payment, and then sent me pics of him when he got there, which I really appreciate. You can do business with her and have zero worries about who you are dealing with. Could not be happier. Thank you so much :)