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Feedback for Blanki

Jul 25, 2006

    1. Just wanted to say that I just had a nice transaction with Blanki! She sold me a nice SD13 dress.


    2. I had a great and perfect deal with blanki too!!! She sold to me my dear ShinCho. All went perfect, she is so kind!!!
    3. I bought some eyes from blanki and they arrived quickly and she was very friendly and communative! She's a wonderful seller :D
    4. Excellent customer service from Blanki! I ordered 4 pairs of ED eyes through her and she kept me informed of every stage the entire time.
    5. i bought 3 pairs of eyes from blanki. great transaction, the shipping was fast, and the eyes were very well packed.
      she is very nice and always reply to pms. it was my pleasure doing the transaction with her.. ^^


      p.s. thanks again blanki!! :daisy
    6. Oct 2006: Bought 2 pairs of eyes from Blanki. ^_^ She'd shipped the eyes quickly and had packed them well. Very smooth transaction throughout~! ^o^
    7. Blanki made a mohair bunny hat for one of my dolls, and it's absolutely beautiful. The care that has gone into it is evident, and it arrived packaged well, with a lovely note. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again - she's lovely!
    8. I bought a SD10 body from Blanki and she was great to deal with. I'm very happy with my purchase and it was delivered quickly and was safely packaged.
      I highly recommend dealing with Blanki :)
    9. i got a head from blanki and she was fast and great!

      thank you!!
    10. Blanki bought a long-eared bunny hat from me and was sweet and wonderful to work with. Commications were kept and payment was sent efficiently. Would love to deal with her again! <3
    11. I cant thank Blanki enough for being an Incredible seller. I just received the most beautiful head from her which arrived lightning fast..

      I can honestly say you cant ask for a sweeter person to deal with. She is just AWESOME... and I recommend her highly to anyone whether buying or selling shes the Best...

    12. I bought 2 pairs of ED eyes in a group preorder with Blanki.
      I loved talking with her and she gave me such great assistance with the difficult task of choosing the perfect eyes for my girls.
      Blanki is friendly and fun; her communication is so clear, her organization and record keeping is perfection.
      I adore the eyes I got and would definately buy from her again!
      Thanks for your help and friendship Blanki!
    13. Today I received my 2 pair of ED eyes and they're awesome. Blanki was very nice to deal with. I highly recommend her!
    14. blanki is just a wonderful person to deal with. .bought a Nana head and also was in the Group order for Enchanted eyes recently. Everything arrived as promised..

      I highly recommend getting in on these eye orders as blanki is one of the best group order people going..
    15. Great transaction with Blanki for lovely ED eyes! Thanks!:)
    16. Item(s): Enchanted Doll preorder
      Date of transaction: 24 Sept 2007

      I participated in one of Blanki's Enchanted Doll eyes preorder. Although communications were sometimes erratic, Blanki is easy to communicate with and emails her responses to queries promptly. She was also very helpful when I couldn't find the registered mail tracking website. I won't hesitate to participate in the next preorder (April!). Thank you!
    17. I ordered a pair of Enchanted Dolls from blanki about a year ago and had a great transaction! She is professional and a fast shipper. Thank you! :)
    18. Got my group order Enchanted eyes for My little Narae.. and Blanki rules as a seller and Group order hostess..

      I highly recommend blanki..
    19. Gosh, I'm way overdue on feedback for Blanki. >_<

      I purchased Enchanted Eyes from her last summer (was it last summer? Gosh, I barely remember) and have no complaints. She was very professional and communicative, including when an issue arose with the group order for eyes. I was very happy.

      I also purchased three knit bunny hats from her and, again, I was just delighted by the experience. She does exactly what a good businesswoman needs to do, which is to be clear and direct with communication, but also very polite. The final product was a delight: three perfect, fuzzy mohair knit bunny hats for my dolls! Impeccable detail. I'm very, very happy about my transactions with Blanki. Thank you!
    20. I bought her a Liz Spring stroll LE. She is very very nice and a very good seller!!! I wish to buy her more items!!! ^^

      Thank you Blanki!!! I love you