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Feedback for blisin_chung

Oct 3, 2010

    1. Hello~
      If I had a transaction with you, please post here
      It will be greatly appreciated

      Thanks a lot~~;)
    2. Hello~
      I bought a Luts KDF Bory from Blisin. It was a smooth, easy and fast transaction. The doll arrived not a week after I sent the payment and was wrapped up nicely with no damage. :)
      blisin_chung was a pleasure to buy from! An A+ seller.
    3. I bought a Switch Vian head from Blisin. The transaction went smoothly. She packaged the head well and kept me informed of shipping delays. Great communication and the head arrived in pristine condition. Thanks so much.
    4. blisin purchased my luts dreaming abadon head on layaway.
      a lovely buyer to do business with , good communication, and great patience; made payments promptly.
      an A+++++ buyer; very much recommended.
    5. I bought a doll body from Blisin. The transaction was smooth, communication always prompt and she shipped it out right away! :) Definitely recommended. Thanks!
    6. I just received the DZ Leng that Blisin had for sale. Communications were great and quick and the doll arrived well-packaged and in good time. I'd definitely buy from Blisin again.
    7. I ordered a lots of clothes from Blisen, and everything came quickly and was packaged really well. Awesome seller - I'd definitely buy from them again! Very recommended! : 3
    8. Blisin bought a head on layaway. Communication was smooth throught the layaway, and doubtlessly friendly. A highly tecommended buyer :)!!!
    9. I bought a body on layaway from blisin_chung. Very great communication. Shipped pretty quickly after the final payment, but, the tracking code was mixed up with another package that somehow had the same code. lol totally not Blisin's fault! But, I got the body, safe and sound. Awesome seller, would love to work with them again. ^_^
    10. I had a great transaction with Blisin
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      paid quick and always replied me kindly
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11. I bought a Ninodoll Woo. U/KDF hybrid from Blisin. They sent him unstrung, with all parts safely secured! No damages! :D Blisin has great communication and sent my doll out right away. It was a pleasure doing business with Blisin and I would buy from them again! Highly recommended to everyone! Thank you so much Blisin! <3
    12. i purchased a leekeworld mihael/spiritdoll hybrid from blisin_chung and it went very well - he's a very lovely boy!
    13. another great transaction with blisin
      always paid quick and replied me kindly
      she was kind enought to let me know when she got the doll
      I'm truly happy to deal with this wonderful buyer!
      thank you!
    14. i sold a hybrid MSdoll No.3 to Blisin, it was a perfect transaction.... paid promptly, and great communication throughout...... let me know the doll arrived safely..... great buyer.
    15. another great transaction with blisin
      always paid super quick and replied me kindly
      she never forgot to let me know when she got the doll
      best buyer A+++++++++++++++++++
      thank you!
    16. I bought a Senior Delf body from Blisin.
      Everything was great! He arrived safely and packaged very well.

      Thank you! :D
    17. I bought a Spiritdoll body from Blisin, she had great communication and the body was wonderfully packaged.
      A really perfect transaction!
    18. Bought a Lovey Luts Shiwoo from Blisin, Commenication was great,everything went great. I recommend Blisin to everyone. Thank you!
    19. i purchased a domuya boy body from blisin. excellent communication, quick shipping, and an overall wonderful transaction! i would easily recommend as a seller to buy from. thanks blisin! :)
    20. I sold Blisin my Volks SD13 Williams head. She was really helpful and good to deal with, paid promptly and let me know when he arrived. I appreciate it so much!

      A big thank you to Blisin - I'm very happy to recommend her. ^_^