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feedback for blue oracle.

May 26, 2008

    1. Sold blue oracle a Nanuri head, with excellent communication and fast payment-
      Very nice buyer, I hope to deal with her again!

      Glad you like the eyes too, thanks for buying from me :)
    2. Sold blue oracle some soul doll eyes, she was really lovely to deal with :aheartbea

      Very good communication, super fast payment, and she let me know when the item arrived.

      Thanks blue
    3. blue oracle bought 2 pairs of jointed hands from me. she is very well in communication, and fast payment, thanks so much!
    4. Blue Oracle participated in my third Migidoll group order and we had a fantabulous transaction. Communication was beautifully kept and payments were sent in swiftly. I would work with her again with no hesitation at all~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders! :pcake:bcake
    5. blue oracle joined my Dollmore group order and was absolutely a dream to deal with. She was very understanding through the issues and kept great communication. Paid on time! Definitely has my vote of confidence!
    6. Blue Oracle was in my FMD GO, and was a pleasure to have on board and easy to work with. Payments were prompt and communication was flawless. Would love to have her again! Thanks so much!

      -- Somni :kitty2
    7. Blue oracle participated in my Iplehouse group order. She was great with communication, paid right away, and let me know as soon as the package arrived safely. Lovely to work with!