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Feedback for BlueEyedSeth

May 12, 2008

    1. Hello! If you buy from me or sell to me would you please comment here? Thank you~:aheartbea
    2. I sold a 07 Nanuri head to BlueEyedSeth,she is a very nice buyer!:)
    3. BlueEyedSeth just bought a Dollheart Dusty-Rose Fer outfit from me. She is a very reliable buyer! She communicated regularly, and paid promptly. I would definitely sell to her again.

      Thank you for a positive transaction!

    4. I've done plenty of stuff for BlueEyedSeth, (Face-ups, modding, clothing).

      I fully recommend her as a good buyer. :3
    5. BlueEyedSeth purchased a MNF jacket from me. :) Transaction was great, and fast. She was very nice and let me know when the item arrived! Thanks so much, definitely will deal with her again. ^^
    6. I bought a pair of handmade pants from blueeyedseth. They were nicely made with seams serged with a cute fit. The only thing that was wrong with them was that the thread was not the same color. Well made for a nice price! Good Communication! And very friendly.


      And a picture of Echo :3
    7. Blueeyedseth participated in my Fairyland Split, she paid on time and kept up excellent communication throughout the split. I would welcome her back anytime! :D
    8. BlueEyedSeth is a joy. She's friendly and communitive. She produces such wonderful work. I am so pleased with her. Thank you so much.
    9. I sold one of my floating heads to BlueEyedSeth, she was a pleasure to do business with, and paid promptly. Would sell to again! :)
    10. I sold my item to BlueEyedSeth.
      she paid quick and we had great communication!
      she was kind enough to let me know when she got the item.
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her!
      highly recommend to everyone!

      thanks BlueEyedSeth * ^_^*
    11. I bought a pair of hands from BlueEyedSeth and she was very helpful. The postal system was taking a (loong) while to send my hands. She checked for me to make sure that they were still in the system and not lost some abyss somewhere! But I got my hands! <33 Thank you!
    12. I bought a girl to boy mod F-doll body from BlueEyedSeth.

      She was very patient with all my questions and offered to clean, blush and re-suede the body!
      Great communication. Quick to reply to messages and notified me when she wouldn't be able to respond right away.
      There was a problem with payment, we both missed the fact that her paypal address was mispelled!
      She was very understanding and was ok with me re-sending the money after having waited over a week for it in the first place.
      The body was packaged REALLY WELL.

    13. I sold my BW delf boy body to BlueEyedSeth in layaway and all was perfect !!! Really nice communication ! Great buyer !! Thanks so much !
    14. BlueEyedSeth patched up a bit of my Delf Kid's face up, did a very good job! thank you! communication was good, and the patch up was free except for the shipping
    15. BlueEyedSeth bought a vest & a cap from me. At first was some communication misunderstanding but everything was solved smoothly & quick~ she replies to pm promptly & make payment promptly~ A really wonderful buyer~ definitely will deal with her again. =D
    16. Bought some pants. Seller was willing to hold for me, that was nice. Delivered fast, too. I'd buy from again any time. :lol:
    17. I purchased a modded BBB Weylin head from her. Communication was great and she was quite understanding through a small paypal bauble on my end. I recieved the head just earlier today and he's even cuter in person than in the pictures. I'd definitely purchase from her or sell to her in the future. <3
    18. BlueEyedSeth bought some items from me~
      >< she make a very qickly payment~ and we have wonderful communication~
      really soo easy to deal with~
      Highly Commended~>333<~~~~~~~~
    19. Totally LOVE BlueEyedSeth, she did the faceup on my Soom Chrom Firelord head and he turned out AMAZING! I'd send another head to her anyday of the week ^.^
    20. Excellent seller! Quick responses and quicker shipping. My Dollmore pants arrived today in A++++ condition. Thanks!